Donnie Yen vs Michael Jai White

Donnie Yen vs Michael Jai White

Taekwondo has lots of rules, little punches, and loads of high kicks to select places. You cannot hit the groin or you’ll get disqualified. It’s mostly a sports based martial art nowadays. It’s not suited for self defense because you need distance and time for your kicks to reach your attacker.

Heard of one guy who was attacked. He tried kicking high but the attacker rushed in and punched him. Taekwondo fighter was on the floor before he knew it.

Wing Chun is simple and efficient. That’s why it’s so fast. All it takes is one fast chop to the neck. Guy’s knocked out. There’s no wild detours taken.

Most don’t know, but Wing Chun actually has no rules. You can modify it and it’d still be Wing Chun. You can’t do that with Taekwondo. This all depends on the level of the practitioner’s instruction.

It is unrealistic to say all Tae Kwon Do schools have little to no self-defense training and all Wing Chun schools have no combative sports use.

We all buy into these stereotypes without trying the practitioner’s worth in combative situations. We speculate that the outcome is going to favor this type vs the other type but never, again, weighing in the ability of the person.

We all have natural abilities to protect ourselves; imagine a street-savvy punk who spent more time on the streets than in the classroom. He cleans up his act through practicing Tae Kwon Do, wins a few trophies sparring (full-contact.)

He then runs into a former enemy gang member who still has a little “beef” left in him and he gets started. Do you really think that those “lessons” from the street are just going to erode away because he is now a Tae Kwon Doist? If this was true, Jun Fan/ Jeet Kune Do would have never been born.

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