“It tickles me to no end”: M3GAN Star Allison Williams Addresses Sequel Being Connected to Dwayne Johnson’s Fast and Furious Spin-off

“It tickles me to no end”: M3GAN Star Allison Williams Addresses Sequel Being Connected to Dwayne Johnson’s Fast and Furious Spin-off

The Fast & Furious franchise has to be one of the most successful movie franchises ever, not to say that it’s bigger than the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although it’s no big deal, the franchise has named its movies in a pretty cool way, something that might rub off on the title for the sequel of M3GAN, the new trending horror movie that’s taken the world by storm this year.

M3GAN has unexpectedly become a huge success, thanks to a dance scene from one of its trailers going viral on TikTok and inadvertently boosting the movie’s popularity. But now there’s nothing but anticipation for a sequel for the sci-fi horror movie, and one of its stars, Allison Williams, finds the idea of it being named like a Fast & Furious movie hilarious.

Allison Williams Laughs At M3GAN Becoming Part Of Fast and Furious Franchise
Now that it has a solid fan following, M3GAN story writers Akela Cooper and the well-known James Wan will be looking forward to working on the sequel to such a well-received horror movie.

So what could it be named, potentially? There was a Twitter thread that Allison Williams, who plays the menacing robot doll in the movie, came upon and it might have just given a name for the sequel.

During an interview with Variety, the movie star with her newfound fame(not that she wasn’t already famous for starring in Get Out) talked about the thread that she saw on the social media website suggesting that the sequel be named “M3GAN: Hobbs & Shaw”, which she finds absolutely hilarious.

The interviewer asks Williams about the jokes that have been made about names for a sequel to the movie she stars in, to which the 34-year-old actor replies-

“We have written ourselves into a slight corner for having two failed M3GANs ahead of that.”

“I don’t have an answer for you, but I did see one Twitter thread that just listed all the sequels, doing different things with the numbers, and it ended with “M3GAN: Hobbs & Shaw.” It made me laugh so hard. The idea that it becomes part of the “Fast and Furious” franchise tickles me to no end. “

It would be quite wild to introduce the protective(but scary!) robot doll into the family, will Vin Diesel approve?

An R-Rated Version Of M3GAN Exists, Says Allison Williams Too!
In an interview with Los Angeles Times, Akela Cooper, who wrote the story for M3GAN alongside The Conjuring director James Wan, talked about the possibility of an R-Rated version of the movie materializing “at some point”.

Allison Williams, star of the said movie, has further gone on to confirm that a gorier version of the hit-horror movie does indeed exist, but the PG-13 version of the movie was chosen instead because “people seemed to enjoy just as much”

During the same interview with Variety, the 34-year-old said-

“We made the decision to move from R to PG-13 after we did a test screening of the PG-13 version that people seemed to enjoy just as much.”

She further adds that fans might get to see the bloodier version in the future-

“So I think eventually, that R version may be available for people to see — I have no idea where or what the timeline would be.”

It’s quite surprising that an R-Rated version of the movie even exists considering the original release is already so violent!

M3GAN is currently running at your nearest movie theater.

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