Sylvester Stallone Reunites with Rocky Statue in Philadelphia

Sylvester Stallone Reunites with Rocky Statue in Philadelphia

Actor Sylvester Stallone will stay busy with upcoming movies, including a return as King Shark in the DCU, but he still appreciates his roots as the star of the Rocky franchise. OnInstagram, Stallone posted a video with his family at the famous Rocky statue in Philadelphia. You can watch the video below.

“Feels like coming home…With the family,” Stallone says in the caption.

This shows that Stallone still appreciates Rocky even if he’s essentially moved on from the franchise. He has stated that he won’t return as the character in Creed 3 after feeling left out in the first two movies. But even without his hand in the Rocky/Creed franchise at this time, Stallone is staying busy with other roles, having confirmed the return of King Shark in the DCU.

Sylvester Stallone Is Finished With Rocky But Not King Shark

A recent interview with revealed that actor Sylvester Stallone would return in some capacity to voice King Shark from The Suicide Squad. Despite not revealing much about King Shark’s return to the big screens, Stallone did not deny the possibility of returning to the character and working with James Gunn again:

“Yes, for sure. I think James has been very generous … He and I are pretty tight. So if there’s an opportunity … I love him, he’s great.”

Throughout his career Sylvester Stallone has been a part of both DC and Marvel films, having also appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as Stakar Ogord, the leader of the Ravagers. King Shark became an instant hit with audiences despite the fact that Stallone had only a few lines in The Suicide Squad.

The metahuman criminal known King Shark is believed to be descended from an ancient god of sharks. He was originally a nemesis of Superboy, but today is associated more with villain groups like the Secret Six and the Suicide Squad, or with Aquaman. It was in the comics that King Shark made his first appearance as a creature known as Nanaue who was imprisoned in Hawaii, and he was being treated as a prisoner. Over time, he becomes more recognizable as a villain in DC comics, and the audience learns more about him.

Nanaue is recruited by Amanda Waller, the ambivalent director who oversees the Suicide Squad’s missions in both the movie and comic books. As a result of their service to the government, squad members are rewarded with reduced sentences or special requests. Sylvester Stallone gave the voice to King Shark, a character depicted in CGI.

It has been announced that James Gunn will be the co-chair and co-CEO of the newly established DC Studios, which will oversee the next wave of DC movies. Aside from the villains of The Suicide Squad, King Shark was definitely one of the most adorable and deadly characters portrayed by James Gunn. Using CGI to create humanoid animals and plants is one of Gunn’s specialties, and Shark is a great example. Another wise decision was to cast Stallone as the voice of Nanaue because he is able to bring out the comedic element of the character which is a worthwhile addition. It seems now Stallone wants to return as King Shark more than ever before.

As well as that, it’s also worth mentioning that Black Adam showed us Amanda Waller’s vast deep-sea prison that was created by her. As a result, she would have access to a possible way to resurrect the Suicide Squad or sanction a replacement team at any time she wishes. King Shark could be back in that project since Waller might have caught him once more and locked him away in one of those cells. In addition, a Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event would be a good opportunity to showcase King Shark.

Whether he appears on the big screen or on television, Sylvester Stallone’s return to the role of King Shark will be welcomed by fans, as the fish-man quickly made his mark on the audience. Meanwhile, Stallone can also be seen in a starring role in the new Paramount+ series Tulsa King.


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