Fast X Set Photo Reveals Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty First Look

Fast X Set Photo Reveals Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty First Look

Vin Diesel has provided a first look at Michelle Rodriguez’s return as longtime franchise character Letty Ortiz with a new set photo from Fast X. From relatively humble beginnings back in 2001 to the action-packed F9: The Fast Saga in 2021, the Fast & Furious franchise is now bigger and more popular than ever. Diesel is set to return as hero Dominic Toretto in Fast X, the tenth installment, which will see Louis Leterrier in the director’s chair. In addition to Diesel and Rodriguez, the core franchise crew is all set to return, including longtime stars Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, and Jordana Brewster as Roman, Tej, and Mia, respectively.

As the release of Fast X‘s first trailer inches closer, Diesel has provided yet another behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming film with a new set photo of Rodriguez’s Letty.

While careful not to reveal any crucial story information in either the picture or the caption, Diesel’s new set image features Letty looking happy with a bowl of food in her hand. The Fast & Furious franchise features numerous barbecues where all the main characters gather to enjoy food and drink together, usually at the end of the film, and it’s possible that this set photo is from a similar type of scene.

What Could Be Next For Letty In Fast X

Letty has had an interesting journey throughout the Fast & Furious franchise. She is believed dead during the events of Fast Five and later returns as an antagonist in the sixth installment until she eventually regains her lost memory. Since once again joining the core crew, Letty has played a crucial role in the franchise, helping Dom to take down a series of international criminals and eventually marrying him. An official plot synopsis for Fast X has not yet been released, but it’s safe to assume that Letty will once again play a crucial role in stopping Jason Momoa’s new franchise villain.

Although it’s not entirely clear what will be demanded of Letty in Fast X, it seems like Rodriguez will have a number of new characters with which to interact over the course of the film. On top of more recent franchise additions like Nathalie Emmanuel, Helen Mirren, and Scott Eastwood, Fast X has added a host of new actors, including Brie Larson, Alan Ritchson, Rita Moreno, Michael Rooker, and Daniela Melchior, all of whose roles remain unknown. While some of these new characters could be allies, it’s likely that some will be villains, meaning Letty, Dom, and the rest of the core Fast & Furious crew will certainly have their work cut out for them.

Considering Letty’s past death fake-out and the franchise’s reluctance to kill longtime cast members, it’s very likely that Letty will survive the events of Fast X and live to fight another day. The upcoming film is expected to serve as the penultimate installment in the franchise, meaning Rodriguez is also essentially guaranteed to return in the announced Fast & Furious 11. While many questions remain about Letty’s role in Fast X, a trailer is thankfully right around the corner, which should provide a more concrete idea of what the new film will actually be about.

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