Vin Diesel Talks Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow Appearing in ‘Fast X’

Vin Diesel Talks Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow Appearing in ‘Fast X’

“Fast and the Furious” is the pedal-to-the-metal blockbuster movie franchise that’s banked more than $6 billion at the box office. Now, after nine massive hits… it is time to buckle up for “Fast X.”

Thursday night, the cast gave fans a first look at their tenth film with a hyped-up Hollywood premiere for the trailer. “Extra’s” Terri Seymour was there talking with star Vin Diesel about the franchise finale, Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow’s cameo, and more.

He told her, “I think this is an exciting moment. This is like the first time we are going to be able to travel again. We always would do these interviews in different parts of the world. Then, with the pandemic, we stopped all of that.”

Diesel asked, “Are you coming to Rome?… World premiere in Rome.”

Terri asked, “Is it going to be the biggest and best one yet?” as Tyrese Gibson crashed our interview to hug Vin.

Going on, Diesel said, “In so many ways, it’s going to be the biggest and best yet… In some ways it is. We’re… continuing a saga.”

Terri had to ask, “Is this really the last one, though? How many more?”

He answered, “Okay… this is the finale, and if you talk to the people at the studio, they would say you can’t tell the finale in one movie…”

Vin also remembered his late co-star Paul Walker, saying, “On a night like this, Paul is not here. Paul is in Turkey pulling children from the rubble, so a night like this, Paul reminds us that we are all one world and we have to pray for each other and what happens across the world in Turkey matters to us and that’s where he would be right now.”

Diesel also talked about Paul’s daughter Meadow making a cameo in the new movie.

He said, “There is a very wonderful, rich feeling when you can make someone’s wish come true. If you are lucky enough in life to be able to do that, what’s better than that?”

“Fast X” is coming to theaters May 19.


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