“He’d Ki*l Me.” – MMA Pioneer Bruce Lee, Who Died at 32, Revealed His Fate in a Fight Against Muhammad Ali Once

“He’d Ki*l Me.” – MMA Pioneer Bruce Lee, Who Died at 32, Revealed His Fate in a Fight Against Muhammad Ali Once

Muhammad Ali is frequently dubbed as one of the “Greatest of All Time”. The legendary boxer remains an icon who stands tall in the history of the sport.

Bruce Lee, is another legendary fighter, actor, and founder of Jeet Kune Do, a martial arts philosophy. In an old interview, the martial artist revealed his take on who’d win if he fought the legendary boxer. The age-old hypothetical debate might have been concluded…

The outcome of Bruce Lee vs Muhammad Ali
Bruce Lee is a legendary star, famous for influencing Hollywood action films around the 70s. The American actor delivered huge box office hits such as “Enter the Dragon”, “Fist of Fury” and “The Way of The Dragon”.

Muhammad Ali is a GOAT in the boxing ring. A hypothetical discussion always arises, pitting the two fighters against each other. Everyone has their own answer based on different theories. Some claim that Lee’s knowledge of Martial arts gives him an edge. While others believe Ali is a definite winner due to his competitive experience.

Luckily, Bruce Lee himself has shared his take on the fight that might provide rest to the argument. “Enter The Dragon” director Robert Clouse spoke about Lee’s opinion on the fight in his book “The Making of Enter the Dragon”. He said “Ali was world heavyweight champion at the time and Bruce saw him as the greatest fighter of them all.” Revealing the martial artist’s admiration towards the boxer.

The director also revealed “Bruce set up a wide full-length mirror to reflect Ali’s image from the screen. Bruce was looking into the mirror, moving along with Ali.” while watching a documentary of Muhammad Ali. Lee was mimicking Ali’s moves on screen “Bruce’s right hand followed Ali’s right hand, Ali’s left foot followed Bruce’s left foot.”

According to Bruce Lee, “Everybody says I must fight Ali some day,” He followed the boxer’s movements closely because he wants to study his moves “I’m getting to know how he thinks and moves.” Clouse claimed “Bruce knew he could never win a fight against Ali.”, because according to him “Look at my hand,’ he said. ‘That’s a little Chinese hand. He’d kill me.’”

Bruce Lee admitted he wouldn’t last long in a fight against the GOAT.

Who do you think would win in a fight between Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee?


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