“I’m Giving Out the Kick in the B***”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Uses Austrian Method to Motivate His Fitness Community

“I’m Giving Out the Kick in the B***”: Arnold Schwarzenegger Uses Austrian Method to Motivate His Fitness Community

Arnold Schwarzenegger may have put his competitive bodybuilding days behind him, but the 75-year-old continues to keep fit and works out like there’s no tomorrow. The star has proven in many ways how choosing a healthier life has always been beneficial. And now, he takes up the responsibility of propagating this idea to the masses.

There are various ways to encourage someone to take proactive steps toward one’s health. In his recent newsletter, Schwarzenegger lists them and decides to go for the slightly stern approach. What was this method about, and how did Arnie describe it? Let’s take a look.

Arnold Schwarzenegger proposes a bizarre method to motivate

When one thinks of receiving some encouragement to work out, ideas usually range from some upbeat music, big goals, thinking of one’s inspirations, etc. However, Schwarzenegger had a unique idea in his vault that he witnessed during his days in Austria. In his newsletter, Pump Daily, the former bodybuilder mentioned how one could uplift people, either with a pat on the back or with a kick on the backside.

This time, Arnie decided to choose tough love over a gentle push. Speaking about some frequently asked questions, the 7x Mr. Olympia revealed how fans almost always asked him for motivation to hit the gym. Normally, he would encourage people to think about the results, do it for their good, and so on. But for this edition of the newsletter, he wanted to jolt his fans back to reality.

Schwarzenegger described his thought process, “even though I believe most of the time that gentle technique is the best, I still believe every so often, we all need to be jolted. So today, I’m giving out the kick in the bu**.” His idea of stern motivation was to instruct people to simply do it. No ifs, no buts, and no questions asked. The star has been a disciplinarian when it comes to his routine and now expects everyone to be the same.

What does Arnie’s routine look like?
At 75 years of age, Schwarzenegger pays uncompromising attention to what his daily training looks and feels like. Despite undergoing multiple heart surgeries, nothing deters the Terminator from pumping up in the gym. So, how did his body age like fine wine?

Well, cycling and lifting weights seem to be two of the significant reasons. When Arnold Schwarzenegger began growing older, he realized that his training needed a modification. But once it changed, he got back to his machines with full vigor and strength. The Terminator doesn’t miss a single day of training, and he expects his fans to not miss a day of training either!


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