Margot Robbie Confirms Johnny Depp Is Replacing Her In Pirates of The Caribbean Movie

Margot Robbie Confirms Johnny Depp Is Replacing Her In Pirates of The Caribbean Movie


Fans of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies have never given up hope of seeing Johnny Depp stepping out on deck as Jack Sparrow one more time, and now they have had their wish granted. Unfortunately, it is not part of the constantly rumored Pirates of the Caribbean 6.

In May 2022, Bruckheimer stated that while two “Pirates” scripts were in development — one placing Margot Robbie in the lead — Depp would not be back “at this point.” The statement came amid Depp’s defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard; he since won the suit.

A combination of Depp’s tumultuous personal life and the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie’s underperformance led Disney to distance him from the franchise, although the actor’s fanbase campaigned for the Jack Sparrow actor to be reinstated in the role.

According to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, they are currently working on two scripts. Jerry also stated that Johnny Depp’s comeback to the franchise is unlikely and that he will not return to his role as Captain Jack Sparrow. The Rock could be used for the other script mentioned by Bruckheimer.

However, trouble began when Amber Heard, Johnny’s ex-wife, brought charges of domestic violence against Johnny. As a result, Disney cut Depp from the franchise. Disney reportedly dropped the sixth movie, apparently to stay clear of Johnny’s controversies.

Depp last played the popular character five years ago in the fifth and final instalment of ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ franchise. Depp will now again reprise his role as Captain Jack Sparrow, a character that catapulted him to superstardom.


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