Fast X Death Theory Explains Why Fast 11 Will Use Time Travel

Fast X Death Theory Explains Why Fast 11 Will Use Time Travel

The Fast X trailer heavily teases a major death in Dominic Toretto’s family, and it could explain why Fast & Furious 11 will use time travel.

A heartbreaking Fast X theory suggests Dominic Toretto’s son will die – setting up Fast & Furious 11 using time travel. The two upcoming Fast & Furious movies are confirmed to be the final entries in the main Fast Saga, and plenty of theories have popped up about what will happen as a result. Thanks to the franchise’s increasingly wild plots, there has been a popular theory that Fast & Furious 11 will use time travel as part of the franchise finale’s story.

The idea of time travel in Fast & Furious 11 is not as ludicrous of a thought as it would have been several years ago. However, the movie still needs to find a plausible reason for the plot device to be utilized in the Fast & Furious franchise. The films might have finally gone to space in F9, but a jump to time travel is much bigger. Many of the theories have pointed to Fast 11’s time travel being used to bring back previous cast members or revisit key sequences from the franchise’s history. Fast X might suggest the real reason that Dominic Toretto turns to such an extreme measure.

Fast X Trailer Teases A Major Death In Dominic Toretto’s Family
The beginning of the Fast X marketing campaign included heavily teasing a major death among Dominic Toretto’s family. The Fast & Furious movies have expanded the meaning of family beyond blood relatives, as everyone in Dom’s crew is considered part of his family at this point. Jason Momoa’s Fast X villain Dante makes a point of calling out how dangerous of a position this puts Dom in. The bigger his family becomes, the tougher time he will have to make sure they all stay safe. Since Dante is connected Fast Five’s villain, his entire revenge plot is about taking away some of Dom’s happiness and family members.

The danger that Dominic Toretto’s family is in during Fast X’s trailer is also reflected through their own thoughts. One line in the trailer from Letty mentions the chance that someone does not come back from this new mission. An incredibly telling line comes from Dom at the beginning of the footage too. He reflects on a statement made by his son, Brian Toretto, that Dom is not afraid of anything. He confesses that this is not true and that he is terrified of losing the ones he loves. All these moments are used to tease someone dying in Fast X.

Evidence Dom’s Son, Brian, Will Die In Fast X

A tragic theory born from the Fast X trailer suggests that the heartbreak will come from Dom’s son, Brian, dying in the movie. The marketing footage puts a heavy emphasis on the importance of Brian Toretto to the movie’s plot. He is the one Dom is looking at when his line about being scared of losing someone he loves plays across the trailer. Similarly, the Fast X trailer confirms that he will be put in a very dangerous position after Dante kidnaps him. This brings Vin Diesel’s character in direct pursuit of Jason Momoa’s villain, and that could put Brian in even more danger as Dom attempts his rescue mission.

Another piece of evidence to support the Fast 10 theory that Dom’s son Brian dies comes with a glimpse of the Toretto cross necklace. Dom is shown holding the necklace at one point, and it appears that there is blood on it. Based on the events of F9, it is known that Dom’s brother Jakob Toretto has an identical necklace. Crucially, F9 also saw Letty give Brian the Toretto cross necklace Dom gifted her. Since Jakob’s death would not be that emotionally impactful, the bloody Toretto cross necklace could be a sign of Dom’s son dying in Fast X.

Dom’s Son Dying Could Explain Fast & Furious 11 Using Time Travel

Dom’s son dying in Fast X would be devastating for the characters and audiences, but it could also be the moment that helps explain Fast & Furious 11 using time travel. Vin Diesel’s character would surely be haunted by Brian’s death, especially if he came up short of saving him or was in some way responsible for further endangering him. The pain of losing his son could push Dom to explore any option to get little Brian back. As a result, Fast 11’s time travel story could begin to formulate.

While Dom is in many ways hesitant to rely too heavily on technology, preferring to instead rely on his skills as a driver, traveling time is not something he can accomplish on his own. It is possible that Fast & Furious 11 could see Dom learn about some means to achieve time travel. Whether this would require an uneasy alliance with a tech-based villain or mean going back in time for a questionable mission, Dom could see both as a necessary means to an end if it means getting Brian Toretto back.

Instead of Fast 11’s time travel twist coming out of nowhere or having slightly ridiculous reasoning behind it (like F9’s space cars), a time travel mission to save Dom’s son after he dies in Fast X is a rather believable evolution for the franchise. It keeps the core focus on family, and audiences would likely at least get behind a time travel plot if it meant bringing Brian Toretto back to life. This would still allow the final Fast & Furious movie to revisit past entries and events but without it feeling unnecessarily forced.

Will Dom Die In Fast & Furious 11 To Save His Son?

It is possible that Fast X killing Dom’s son is also a way to help set up Vin Diesel’s franchise-leading character dying in Fast & Furious 11. Speculation about Dominic Toretto dying has risen since Fast 11 is meant to be the last movie in the main Fast Saga. Diesel has spoken about wanting the franchise finale to have a sense of closure to it, and there is no greater example of that happening than killing the main character. This would be even more fitting for Dom’s arc if he dies in Fast 11 as a means to ensure that Brian survives and becomes the franchise’s new lead.

There is certainly an argument to be made that Dom dying in Fast & Furious 11 to save his son would be a good conclusion to his story. However, Vin Diesel and Universal might be hesitant to commit to such a definitive ending for the character. Even with time travel introduced, Dom’s death would eliminate Diesel from making future appearances in the franchise. Both the star and the studio likely want to keep that option on the table in case the Fast & Furious franchise does not continue successfully after the main saga ends. Still, the Fast X theory that Dom’s son could connect nicely to Fast & Furious 11.


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