After Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Film Ruined a TV Personality’s Life, Dwayne Johnson Received a Unique Request in 2001

After Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Film Ruined a TV Personality’s Life, Dwayne Johnson Received a Unique Request in 2001

Athletes excelling in movies is a trend that were kickstarted by Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was followed by many in the business. Among them, Dwayne Johnson swapped wrestling to build a successful career in the movies. It is impossible for both of these mammoths to not be compared. Johnson was implored in the past by a famous talk show host not to remake one of Schwarzenegger’s popular projects.

The Brahma Bull has overseen a great transition and has established himself as the mainstay of the action genre. With big studios always vying for his signature, he has definitely made it big. Before him, though, Schwarzenegger has been there and done it all. In a past appearance by Johnson at The Conan O Brien Show, the host tried to convince him of something. That was not to star in the remake of Conan The Barbarian if it were to be made.

Conan O’Brien’s request for Dwayne Johnson

O’Brien said, “One of Arnold’s big movies Conan The Barbarian is that a possibility“? The Rock, like many others, was surprised and asked, “Why“? To this, the famous host replied, “Please don’t that movie ruined my life. I actually heard it somewhere. {Imitating Schwarzenegger’s voice) Are you a Barbarian? No, leave me alone“.

While it’s hard to determine what quite ruined O’Brien’s taste for the movie, Johnson has not starred in any remakes yet.

The 1982 movie was a huge hit and worked wonders for Schwarzenegger’s Hollywood career. He never looked back since and worked in some of the most successful movie franchises.

So much so that it opened a doorway for wrestlers to get into the movie business, namely John Cena and Batista. The Animal recently starred in the Netflix who-done-it Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery.

Dream project no more
The People’s Champ endured a tough end to 2022. It was revealed that his dream project, Black Adam’s sequel would not see the light of day. Johnson announced the news to his fans through a social media post. He has many things to keep him busy in the new year. This includes the restart of XFL and his appearance alongside Chris Evans in the Amazon Prime venture Great One.

And may return to the squared circle in a family affair at WrestleMania 39 and face Roman Reigns.

Dwayne Johnson did not appear in a remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s hit movie. But the successful actor might have taken some inspiration from the latter’s career.

What reservations Conan O’Brien had with The Great One appearing in any remake for the project is still unknown. One thing is sure though, whether knowingly or unknowingly, Johnson did heed his advice.


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