Move Over Vin Diesel: This Fast & Furious Star is Now the Richest in the Family

Move Over Vin Diesel: This Fast & Furious Star is Now the Richest in the Family

The Fast & Furious franchise is often derided as brainless action movies.

Yet there is no doubt that since its debut in 2001 Fast & Furious has become one of Hollywood’s most popular and prolific franchises.

While nine mainline movies (plus one spin-off movie) form the core of it, there is also a TV show, amusement park rides and video games.

So, unsurprisingly, actors who repeatedly appeared in leading roles on Fast & Furious tend to be filthy rich.

For a time, Vin Diesel, who owes most of his money and fame to playing Dominic Toretto, the franchise’s main character, was in the lead, in terms of personal wealth.

For the franchise’s ninth film, F9, Diesel was paid upfront, and his salary was considerable $20 million. His current net worth is estimated at $225 million.

But now that amount pales before fortune of Dwayne Johnson, who played Luke Hobbs in the fifth to eighth movies in the franchise, as well as in the Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw spin-off movie, which focuses on his character. Dwayne Johnson’s fortune is currently estimated at $800 million.

But to be honest, this comparison is not exactly fair to Vin Diesel. And not because Dwayne Johnson had a long and accomplished wrestling career, before he got into acting.

No, while various endorsements deals, as well as participating in projects outside Fast & Furious, like Disney’s Moana, bring Dwayne hefty sums, much of his wealth is owed to his commercial acumen and luck.

In 2019 Dwayne Johnson started Teremana Tequila alcohol company with a group of partners. And the enterprise, which launched a brand of the same name in March of 2020, appears to be highly successful.

The current value of the brand is estimated at $2 billion. And Johnson’s stake in the company, estimated at 30-40%, massively bolstered his personal fortune, making him one of the richest actors in the world.

The morale of the story is, while portraying hard-boiled men of action on the big screen certainly pays much better than being men of action in real life, it is still not as profitable as selling alcohol.


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