Fast & Furious Is Still Missing A Huge Part Of Dominic Toretto’s Family

Fast & Furious Is Still Missing A Huge Part Of Dominic Toretto’s Family

The Fast & Furious franchise is all about family, but one of Dominic Toretto’s family members is still missing: Dom’s mother. The action movies have evolved over time to include bigger set pieces, but each installment has kept the core theme of family. This originally revolved around the idea of found family more than biological or legal family members, as Dom and Brian O’Conner became like brothers. They became actual family members once Brian and Mia Toretto got married, with Dom also marrying Letty Ortiz and having a child with Elena Neves to grow the Toretto family tree.

The expansion of Dominic Toretto’s family has taken on a new direction with the more recent Fast & Furious franchise installments. F9 finally brought Jack Toretto, Dom’s father, into the picture with a flashback. The movie also notably introduced Dom and Mia’s secret brother Jakob, who had never been mentioned before in any movie. Some even met Dom’s cousin Tony in Fast & Furious: Spy Racers on Netflix. Fast X is poised to introduce more of Dom’s family with Rita Moreno joining the cast as Dom’s grandmother. Meeting Dom’s dad, grandma, siblings, and cousins mean there is still one major Toretto family member missing.

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Dom’s Mother Has Never Been Mentioned In Fast & Furious Movies

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto in Fate of the Furious

The surprising part of Dom’s family in the Fast & Furious movies is that Dom’s mom has never been mentioned in the series. Despite all the different relatives the films have featured and countless examples of Dom talking about the importance of family, Dominic Toretto’s mother has been completely ignored. Even in F9’s flashback to Jack’s death, there is no presence from Mrs. Toretto. She is not shown at the race where Jack dies or consoling Dom, Mia, or Jakob after their father’s death.

Dom’s mom missing from the Fast & Furious movies has become an increasingly looming mystery for the franchise. The movies have never been shy about showing how much of an impact Dom’s dad’s death had on him. Since Vin Diesel’s character is so family-focused, his mother dying or leaving them would also hurt him greatly. The mystery is even greater considering Dom is raising little Brian in Fast X after Elena’s death, so he could relate to his son’s feelings or questions about what happened to his mom.

Fast & Furious Ending Means Dom’s Mother Must Appear

dominic mia toretto Mother Fast and furious 10

The confirmation that the Fast & Furious franchise is ending with Fast & Furious 11 means that time is running out for Dom’s mother to play a role. Now that the movies are introducing even more members of his family, the franchise finale is the perfect place for Dom’s mom to appear. Vin Diesel has even hinted at this possibility, as he mentioned wanting to introduce Dom’s grandmother in Fast X before solving the mystery of what happened to Dominic Toretto’s mother.

Bringing Mrs. Toretto into the Fast & Furious franchise finale can happen in several different ways. She could appear with ease in the main story, possibly after Dom loses someone in Fast X. If the franchise wants to explain that Dom’s mom was missing from past films because she also died, her debut could be tied to Fast & Furious 11 time travel theories. The Fast & Furious movies never showing Dom’s mother would be quite weird at this point, so the finale needs to make sure the last opportunity to meet her is not wasted.

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