Brie Larson Plays Brian O’Connor’s Sister

Brie Larson Plays Brian O’Connor’s Sister

Fast & Furious 10 could continue the legacy of Paul Walker’s character if Brie Larson is playing Brian O’Connor’s sister. The Fast & Furious franchise lost a big piece of its heart in 2013 when Paul Walker passed away. After reworking the end of Furious 7 to allow Brian O’Connor to drive off into the sunset, it seemed that his story was over. However, there is speculation Brian will play a role in the finale as the two movies could be poised to introduce Brian’s sister. While Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto failed to live a quiet life, that is not true for Brian O’Connor.

The franchise explained he remained home with his family, even with his wife Mia returning for F9. However, the Fast and the Furious movies have been hesitant to move past Brian. This has left the franchise in a position to potentially bring Brian O’Connor back in Fast X. He even appeared in the new trailers, to the shock of fans. There are only a few major new cast members for the sequels, such as Jason Momoa’s villain, but it could be Brie Larson who has the biggest role to play in the Fast & Furious franchise’s finale, possibly appearing as a new member of the O’Connor family.

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Fast & Furious Keeps Hinting At Brian’s Return

Paul Walker Brian Oconner return Fast and furious 10 and ll.

The Fast & Furious franchise dropped its biggest hint that Brian O’Connor will return during F9’s ending. After Dominic Toretto’s crew helped save the world once again, they return to the original Toretto house for a traditional family cookout. It is only after the main characters in F9 are sitting down that Dom notes the empty chair at the table. Mia responded saying, “He’s on his way,” before F9 shows Brian O’Connor’s traditional blue Nissan Skyline GT-R pull into the driveway. While Brian isn’t seen in the scene, it was viewed by many as set up for the possibility that Paul Walker’s character will be in Fast & Furious 10.

There is so far no confirmation that Brian O’Connor is going to be in Fast X, but the teases have continued, including a look at him in what might be a flashback scene from the trailer. Mia is coming back once more after Vin Diesel demanded it. While her absence in the original script could point to Fast & Furious 10 not having any plans for Brian, her addition might have changed that. The franchise can only continue to use Mia and not show Brian for so long before it gets even stranger that he isn’t involved in the action.

Brian O’Connor’s return also sounds quite plausible based on what people involved with the Fast & Furious franchise have said. Fast X director Justin Lin mentioned that he thinks about that possibility every day as he figures out how to wrap up a story 20+ years in the making. Meanwhile, Paul Walker’s real-life brothers have remained open to the idea of helping bring Brian back in the sequels, as they have played doubles for him in the past. Instead of bringing Paul Walker back, Fast & Furious 10 could continue Brian O’Connor’s legacy differently.

Theory: Brie Larson Plays Brian’s Sister In Fast X

Brie Larson in Fast and Furious 10.

Brie Larson could play Brian O’Connor’s sister in Fast X. In the time since Larson joined the Fast & Furious 10 cast, there has not been any information on who she is playing. Vin Diesel teased that her character will be “timeless” within the franchise’s mythology and “add something you might not have expected but yearned for” in Fast X. It isn’t much to go on, but it does point to Brie Larson’s character being a prominent part of the sequel while also teasing connections to the established canon. Due to those two factors, Larson playing Brian O’Connor’s sister makes a lot of sense.

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Even though Paul Walker played Brian O’Connor in six Fast & Furious movies, his family is not something that the franchise explored. This is somewhat surprising considering the Fast & Furious franchise is all about family. The only aspects of Brian’s family life that are confirmed are that he was raised by his mom after his dad left them and that he has no recollection of who his father is. There is no mention of Brian having a sister, but that doesn’t mean that he can’t have one. Brie Larson believably could pass as Paul Walker’s younger sister based on their looks, while she is also 16 years younger.

This could mean that she was only just a kid when the Fast & Furious movie events began, explaining why she hasn’t been around before. Brie Larson playing Brian O’Connor’s sister might seem out of leftfield at first, but it is important to remember that a similar twist happened in F9. The movie delivers a huge surprise with John Cena’s Jakob being Dominic Toretto’s younger brother. If Dom can have a secret brother, then it is not unbelievable that Brian O’Connor has a secret younger sister. This would allow Brie Larson’s character to step into the franchise and continue Paul Walker’s legacy.

Brian’s Sister Is Better For Fast & Furious Than CGI Paul Walker

Vin diesel Paul walker Brian Oconnor car Fast and furious 9 does not ruin furious 7 ending.

Brie Larson stepping into the role of Brian O’Connor’s sister is the best move for Fast & Furious 10 and the franchise’s future. It enables the movies to continue showing Brian’s legacy through his younger sister instead of potentially feeling forced to use a CGI Paul Walker. Furious 7 already gave Brian O’Connor the perfect send-off, so any use of the character beyond this risks ruining that ending. While seeing Brian again could be great for some fans, using CGI to bring Paul Walker back will also be a bit uncomfortable no matter how well it is done. The franchise doesn’t need to bring him back at this point, especially as Brian’s return likely wouldn’t be as part of a starring role.

Fast X is better off letting Brie Larson become the face of the O’Connor family legacy. She can enter the story in a variety of ways, but her role as a member of Dom’s team would allow Fast & Furious 10 to include scenes between Vin Diesel and Brie Larson’s characters about who Brian is, why they love him, and so on, which can act as another celebration of Paul Walker and his character’s legacy. Furthermore, it could put her in a position to help lead the Fast & Furious female spinoff, giving the franchise’s future a dose of the O’Connor legacy through Brian’s sister played by Brie Larson.

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The Fast Saga Is About Family, So Why All The Secret Relatives?

Vin Diesel smiles in Fast Five.

If Brie Larson is playing Brian’s sister in Fast X, this would make it the second Fast & Furious movie in a row that revealed one of the main characters has a secret sibling. The franchise always finds a justification to introduce or reintroduce characters despite it feeling narratively impossible — another example is Han surviving the Tokyo Drift explosion before subsequently coming back in F9 with the outrageous explanation that Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody had helped him fake his death, or Lottie’s survival of a similar wreck. If Fast and Furious want to introduce a long-lost sister of Brian, they’ll find a way, even if it’s implausible.

The wild family storylines fit the Fast Saga ethos. Having them pulled along by a rollercoaster plot feels tonally appropriate. As a franchise that grew organically, the sprawling secret family connections are part of the brand. Introducing Brian’s sister this late in the franchise would certainly be a sharp turn, but in a movie about high-speed driving, sharp turns are to be expected. It actually fits right in. Families are difficult, complicated setups. Sometimes family members drift apart, but finding their way back to each other despite the passage of time is what Fast and Furious movies are all about. That, and driving to space.

Brie Larson Is Confirmed To Play Tess

Vin Diesel and Brie Larson in Fast X.

While there is no word on whether Brie Larson is playing Brian’s sister in Fast X, her character has been officially revealed. Her name is Tess and she worked for Kurt Russell’s Mr. Nobody. This also doesn’t reveal or spoil anything further though. When asked, director Louis Leterrier said that while Jason Momoa’s villain is the darkness, Tess is the “light.” He also said she is connected to the franchise in a “very strong way.”

This makes it sound like – in a franchise about family – she might be true family for the team. While it doesn’t mean that Tess is Brian’s sister, it is very much in the realm of possibility. The Fast X trailer showed Brian in what was a flashback scene to reveal why Dante hates Dom and his family so much. That could lead to him coming after everyone – even a sister Dom never knew Brian had. It could bring in a new female family member and keep the franchise’s themes all the way to the end.

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