Michelle Rodriguez Learned Letty’s Fast & Furious Return In Absurd Way

Michelle Rodriguez Learned Letty’s Fast & Furious Return In Absurd Way

Michelle Rodriguez discovered that she was returning to the Fast & Furious franchise in a wild way. After a massive explosion seemingly claimed her life in 2009’s Fast & Furious, it is revealed in Fast Five that Rodriguez’s Letty actually survived after Hobbs finds a picture of her perfectly alive and well. It was a massive moment for the franchise, but the reveal was also big for Rodriguez.

Despite being a major fixture in the Fast & Furious franchise, Rodriguez was never actually told about her character’s survival. At the recent event for the premiere of the Fast X trailer (via Insider), Rodriguez revealed that she found out about it by going to see Fast Five in the theater. The actor recalled:

“I swear to you, I was in Paris, and I roll in to see ‘Fast Five,’ and that’s when I find out on my own. Nobody told me. Nobody gave me a call. Nobody said anything. I watch a tag ending that says, ‘Do you believe in ghosts?’ I immediately grabbed my phone. I’m in Paris. I’m like, ‘Oh, hell no.’ I find out by going to the movies, Vin?”

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Everything We Know About Fast X

Vin Diesel as Dom in Fast X

There has never been a better time to return to Fast Five, especially since Fast X is doing exactly that. With the franchise’s new villain hearkening back to the days of Fast Five, the Fast & Furious franchise is doing its best to return to its roots. Jason Momoa’s Dante, the son of Hernan Reyes, is seeking vengeance on Dominic Toretto and his family, and everything about Fast X indicates he won’t be settling for anything less.

Fast X is the start of the end of the Fast & Furious franchise, though it will be split in two. Releasing on May 1, the first part of the final story in the franchise will be massive, with Dom (Vin Diesel), Letty, Mia (Jordana Brewster), Tej (Ludacris), Han Lue (Sung Kang), Jakob (John Cena), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), and more returning. The upcoming film will also introduce plenty of newcomers to the franchise, including Brie Larson and Rita Moreno. What happens in Fast X will pave the way for the eleventh film in the franchise, which will close out the two-part story.

There will be characters strewn in different locations, stretching from London to Brazil to Antarctica and beyond as Dante’s machinations tear the family apart. With Dom isolated, there is no way to know how far Dante will take his schemes, nor what will happen as the franchise finally has the opportunity to craft its conclusion. However Fast & Furious ends, Dom’s family will face it as a team, even if they’re nowhere near each other.More: Fast & Furious Original Fast 5 Plan Would’ve Killed The Franchise

Source: Insider

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