Is Brian Returning In Fast & Furious 10?

Is Brian Returning In Fast & Furious 10?

Fast X can’t go to space because F9 did that already, but the last mainline Fast and the Furious movie has plenty of other options like dinosaurs, time travel, and the return of Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner. But, will Brian be in Fast and Furious 10? For over two decades, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family have shown there’s nothing Fast and the Furious can’t do. The end result has always been mostly harmless, physics-defying fun, but Fast X is at a pivotal crossroads when it comes to the possibility of Brian’s return in the franchise finale.

Paul Walker’s death in 2013 changed the Fast and the Furious franchise forever, leading to Brian’s retirement in 2015’s Furious 7. Since then, the normally heavy-handed action franchise has always taken the high road for its endearing references to Brian in The Fate of the Furious and F9. Purely technically speaking, there’s no reason why Brian can’t theoretically return to Fast X. The new trailer for Fast X even has a glimpse of Paul Walker. However, the real question Fast and the Furious needs to thoroughly consider is if Brian should return.

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How Brian Can Return In Fast & Furious 10 Without Paul Walker

A digital recreation of Paul Walker driving a car in Furious 7.

Will Brian be in Fast and Furious 10? He has returned before since Paul Walker’s death. Furious 7 finished Walker’s scenes by using his brothers’ stand-in performances and replacing their faces with CGI versions of Walker’s face during post-production. Brian’s return in 2023 to the Fast X movie would be similar, with the benefit of much better technology. Ideally, his hypothetical return wouldn’t be too intertwined with Fast X’s plot. Something as simple as an ending with Brian enjoying one of Dom’s BBQ parties would be enough to turn on the waterworks.

Brian wouldn’t even need to show his face for this concept to work. Ultimately, the idea of the character appearing in the movie wouldn’t need him to be on-screen for long, and a surprise cameo would leave the audience emotional with little said or done. An ending with Dom reappearing to greet the team would be a natural continuation of the blue car at the end of F9, and it would also be the ultimate homage to the iconic franchise’s long-running theme of family.

Why Fast X Shouldn’t Bring Back Brian

The Fast and the Furious family BBQ at the end of F9.

The concern is whether the Fast X story would show the necessary restraint to make the beloved character’s return work in a sensitive way. When wondering if Brian will be in Fast and Furious 10, it could absolutely be great. In this vein, perhaps Fast X should get the benefit of the doubt, based on how Fast and the Furious has handled Brian in and after Furious 7. Unfortunately, The Fast Saga has a long track record of making puzzling decisions that seemingly defy common sense. F9 made the inexplicable decision to spoil Han’s return in its marketing, and Fast and the Furious has already wasted its perfect ending twice.

Fast and the Furious may have jumped the shark (and some skyscrapers), but Brian’s perfect ending is still intact from Furious 7. Regardless of how good or bad Fast X ends up being, Brian’s last ride already happened. Bringing Brian back now would be tacky, no matter how much emotional appeal his return would inevitably produce for the Fast and the Furious series. If Brian must come back, it can’t be more than the briefest of cameos.

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The Fast X Trailer Teased A Brian Appearance

Brian O'Connor posing next to a red car in The Fast and the Furious.

Will Brian be in Fast and Furious 10? The trailer for Fast X makes it look like it. There is a lot going on in the trailer, and just about everyone that fans have grown to love and hate showed up in the short running time. This includes Paul Walker’s Brian. While it was just a brief glimpse at Brian, it was still enough to get the word out that the late Paul Walker character could make his return to the franchise at least one more time. This also makes sense, as it was Brian and Dom who apparently ruined Dante’s (Jason Momoa) life in Fast Five.

Clearly, he would want revenge on both Brian and Dom. However, even with Brian showing up in the trailer, the franchise has to tread carefully. Brian needs his happily-ever-after ending that he already got in the franchise. Of course, if it is just flashbacks with Brian, his brother could fill in well and give fans another look at the fan-favorite character. If he returns for just some happy moments, it will surely make fans tearful and happy. However, if something bad happens to Brian, it could ruin the entire franchise.

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