Fast X Just Completely Ruined The Justice For Han Campaign

Fast X Just Completely Ruined The Justice For Han Campaign

Fast X is completely ruining the goal of online calls for “Justice For Han.” Fast X will bring Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and his family back into action against newest Fast Saga villain Dante, played by Jason Momoa, who holds a grudge against Dom over events stretching back to Fast Five. Many familiar faces from throughout the Fast & Furious series are returning for Fast X, including Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw and Sung Kang as Han, who returned in F9 after his apparent death in Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift.

Shockingly, Han and Shaw join forces in Fast X, which continues the Fast Saga’s reinvention of Shaw from villain to hero. Shaw being welcomed into Dom’s inner circle so easily after being the villain of Furious 7 worked within the generally casual attitude of the franchise’s morality. However, many also felt that Shaw’s attempted killing of Han had been overlooked, leading to the #JusticeForHan campaign that Fast X seems to be ignoring.RELATED: How Fast & Furious 10 Can Actually Top F9’s Space Travel

Han & Shaw Working Together In Fast X Ruins The “Justice For Han” CampaignFast and furious 9 Han Deckard Shaw

When Shaw debuted in Furious 7, he was seeking revenge on Dom’s crew for capturing his brother, Owen Shaw, and leaving him in a coma during Fast & Furious 6. Han was Shaw’s first supposed victim, though F9 later retconned this to Mr. Nobody faking Han’s death. Regardless, Shaw transforming into a hero and co-lead of the spinoff Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw did not sit well with those who felt he had been let off the hook for attempting to kill Han, thus giving rise to the #JusticeForHan campaign. The Fast X trailer offers no sign that justice will happen before Han and Dom team up.

F9 appeared to indicate that the Fast & Furious series was preparing to address this disparity, with Han confronting Shaw in the movie’s mid-credits scene and setting up a reckoning for Shaw in Fast X. Despite that tease, Fast X’s trailer shows no indication of rivalry or bad blood between Han and Shaw. Without Fast X directly addressing calls for Shaw to be held accountable for trying to kill Han, it probably is not going to happen at all by the time the Fast & Furious franchise ends. With that said, Fast X might have good reason for showing their relationship as it is.

Why Would Han Forgive Deckard Shaw So Fast?

Fast and furious 9 Justice for Han Deckard Shaw

Though Shaw was undeniably trying to kill Han during his rampage against Dom and co., Han took the opportunity to use Shaw’s attempted assassination as cover for his mission with Mr. Nobody. While this by no means excuses Shaw’s actions, Han likely recognizes the complexity of the situation, especially with the help Shaw has provided to Dom, Hobbs, and their family since. Han might see the situation as a gray area, and could simply be content working things out with Shaw over one long conversation and leaving it all in the past.

Alternatively, with the threat presented by Jason Momoa as the villainous Dante in Fast X, Han might be simply setting his history with Shaw aside long enough to put a stop to Dante’s plot. Han could still be quite bitter, and Fast X’s trailer might be masking an unwilling partnership between Han and Shaw, but one they tolerate in order to stop a common enemy. In either case, Fast X is ensuring that #JusticeForHan will likely never be achieved in the way the campaign desires, with Han himself possibly okay with that.

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