6 Big Fast & Furious Theories After The Fast X Trailer

6 Big Fast & Furious Theories After The Fast X Trailer

The first Fast X trailer has created several big Fast & Furious theories for the franchise. Universal waited until right before the Super Bowl to show off the first footage from Fast & Furious 10, which is meant to be the first of two films that will end the main saga. The announcement from Vin Diesel that Dominic Toretto’s story is coming to an end in the near future prompted speculation about how the series will wrap up. Fast 10 is the first step in this plan and is expected to be packed with significant reveals and connections to the franchise’s past, such as tying Jason Momoa’s villain to Fast Five.

Now that the first Fast X trailer has been released, there is a much more clear picture of what the movie will be. The main story appears to revolve around Momoa’s Dante setting out for revenge against Dom and his team for taking away his family. This will put the various members of Dom’s crew in danger, possibly even forcing some to switch sides, and bring other characters back into the franchise’s plan. While there have been plenty of Fast & Furious 10 theories since even before the trailer was released, the footage shown helps create even more and adds new evidence to support existing ones.
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6 Brie Larson’s Fast X Character Is Brian’s Sister

Fast 10 Trailer Brie Larson Brian Sister Theory

One Fast & Furious 10 theory that is supported by Fast X’s trailer is that Brie Larson plays Brian’s sister. Ever since it was announced that the Captain Marvel was joining Fast & Furious, there has been speculation about the identity of her character. It did not take long for the theories to suggest that Larson is a family member of Paul Walker’s character. The two actors share some physical similarities, but F9 introducing Jakob (John Cena) as Dom’s secret younger brother opened the door for such a significant retcon. It also is a chance for the O’Conner family to expand even though Paul Walker is no longer around.

The Fast X trailer offers some potential hints that Brie Larson’s Tess is Brian’s sister, as she is very clearly aligned with Dom’s team. She and Dom are shown talking in a bar and fighting alongside each other once a scrum breaks out. While the Toretto crew is filled with people that he knows and trusts throughout the years, it would make sense that Brian’s sister is among the people that Dom would trust the most. There is no other definitive proof that Brie Larson and Paul Walker’s characters are related, but the Fast & Furious franchise delivering another surprise sibling twist in this manner is believable.

5 Charlize Theron’s Cipher Joins Dom’s Team In Fast X

Fast X vin diesel toretto cipher

Another worthy Fast 10 theory after the first trailer is that this could be the movie where Charlize Theron’s Cipher joins Dom’s team. Introduced in The Fate of the Furious, Cipher became the face of the franchise’s push into more technology and artificial intelligence. She played the main villain and was responsible for turning Dom against his family, while she then came back for a minor role in F9. Following the series’ trend of turning villains into heroes, Fast X could finally pull off the same twist in allegiance for Cipher.
The tease for Cipher joining Dom’s team in Fast X comes from the final moments of the trailer where she and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are shown together. While this moment includes them fighting, seeing both of them trapped in the same room could be a sign that they have a common enemy in the latest Fast & Furious movie. It might not be a truly heroic turn for Charlize Theron’s villain in Fast 10, but it is plausible that she and Letty will have to put their differences and past (which includes Cipher making out with Dom right in front of Letty) aside for the greater good.
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4 Fast X’s Real Villain Is Tied To Hobbs & Shaw’s Secret Villain

Dominic Toretto, Hobbs, and Shaw in The Fast and Furious Saga

The Fast X trailer sets up Jason Momoa’s Dante as the main villain of the movie, but there have also been teases that there is more going on. Star Vin Diesel teased at the trailer launch event that there is a villain that the franchise will introduce who is obsessed with technology, AI, and cars that do not need drivers. That could mean that Fast X will include a surprise connection to Hobbs & Shaw, even though Dwayne Johnson is not returning for the upcoming installment.
This Fast & Furious 10 theory suggests that Hobbs & Shaw’s secret villain “The Director” is the one pulling the strings and will return in a bigger role in Fast 11. “The Director” was introduced as the leader of Eteon, a tech-based terrorist organization that is interested in cybernetics and other technological advancements. It could be revealed that Hobbs & Shaw’s villain has played a role in the franchise’s past and is now responsible for funding Jason Momoa’s villain revenge plot that is far bigger than his family’s past ambitions. This could even be another reason why Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham) was brought back in F9’s post-credits scene.

3 Cipher & Letty Become Cyborgs In Fast X

Fast X Trailer Cipher Letty Operation

Another intriguing Fast & Furious 10 theory after the trailer is that Cipher and Letty will become cyborgs in the movie. This stems from the final scene of the Fast X trailer where Charlize Theron and Michelle Rodriguez’s characters are shown strapped to tables. It appears that they are being examined in some fashion and might have even been operated on. Unless the Fast & Furious franchise is going the Face/Off route or has another unexpected sci-fi twist in mind, it would fit within the world that the series has built for Cipher and Letty to become cyborgs.
The superhuman implants that Charlize Theron and Michelle Rodriguez’s characters could receive in Fast X would be a clever way to build on Hobbs & Shaw. The spinoff movie featured Idris Elba’s Brixton as a cybernetically-enhanced super soldier. It was established that these types of upgrades could be achieved through surgery. So, if Letty and Cipher did undergo an operation of some kind in this Fast 10 trailer scene, the theory that they are now cyborgs could be part of the franchise’s way to push the envelope from an action standpoint further.
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2 Dom’s Son Dies In Fast X (Setting Up Time Travel For Fast 11)

Fast X Trailer Dom Son Brian Jason Momoa

There is also a theory that Dom’s son dies in Fast X after the trailer as a way to set up time travel for Fast & Furious 11. The entire trailer is based around the threat from Jason Momoa’s Dante that he wants to take Dom’s happy family life from him. This includes eventually kidnapping Dom’s son Brian Toretto, which brings the family in pursuit. The trailer plays up the notion that the Fast & Furious franchise is going to kill someone by having Letty mention that everyone might not make it out of this mission alive and Dante stressing how tough it will be for Dom to protect a family so large.
The biggest tease that Dom’s son dies could be the bloody Toretto cross necklace that Dom is shown holding. Brian Toretto got the necklace in F9 after Letty gave it to him. This Fast & Furious 10 theory could then be a way to set up the bigger franchise speculation that Fast 11 is going to involve time travel. Brian’s death could be the catalyst that pushed Dom, Letty, and the rest of the Toretto crew to experiment with more dangerous technology to save Little B. Fast & Furious 11’s time travel could then allow Dom and others to sacrifice themselves to save the future/past.

1 Han & Shaw Team Up To Find Gisele

Fast X han and shaw

The Fast X trailer is also notable for showing Han (Sung Kang) and Deckard Shaw teaming up. It comes after their surprise encounter in F9’s ending, which followed Deckard seemingly killing Han in earlier movies. There is no context given for why Han and Shaw are working together in Fast & Furious 10, leaving it up to speculation and theories to provide an answer. One such Fast X theory suggests that Han and Shaw team up to find Gisele (Gal Gadot).
The Fast & Furious franchise already has teased ways for Gisele to have survivedFast & Furious 6. It is important to remember that she supposedly died in the same event that nearly killed Deckard’s brother, Owen (Luke Evans). There is the potential for the Deckards to have knowledge that Gisele did not die, but they were not prioritizing telling the truth since they were enemies of Toretto’s crew at first. Now that Deckard and Han have reunited, Fast X could reveal that Gisele is still alive and goes on a mission to Han to find her as a chance to make up for his past sins.
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