5 Best Super Bowl 2023 Trailers

5 Best Super Bowl 2023 Trailers

Every year, movie studios pay a premium for their trailers to air during the Super Bowl, and five big ones dropped during 2023’s event. Despite the sporting spectacle on display, the Super Bowl’s entertaining half-time show, cutting-edge commercials, and highly entertaining trailers for upcoming movies are all major draws. Arguably, the long-awaited trailers prove more of a draw than the big game itself.

The most anticipated trailers of 2023 aired during the most anticipated sports event of the year. Even though some directed viewers to the official trailer online, each slot all aired enough highlights to convey an idea of its movie’s characters and storyline. The best 2023 movie trailers from the Super Bowl ran the gamut from superheroes to sports, and all looked like movies that could be worth watching.
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5 Creed III

Jonathan Majors as Creed 3's Villain

Creed III is the ninth movie in the Rocky universe, and looks like a worthy installment in the iconic saga. The Creed III trailer offers a good slice of drama between the main characters, Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis Creed and Tessa Thompson’s Bianca Creed. These moments are interspersed with fight scenes to great effect.

The Creed III trailer reveals that the driving conflict of the film will pack both a physical and emotional punch. It will be heart-wrenching to see how Creed deals with an old friend turned enemy, Damian Anderson, who is played by Jonathan Majors in Creed III. Like all sports movies, the action in the ring will be matched only by the drama outside of it. Creed has his family in his corner; hopefully, that will be enough for him to win.

4 The Flash

Supergirl vs General Zod in The Flash

The DCEU movies have been uneven at best. Warner Bros. has struggled to build an overarching storyline that rivals the MCU, with different directors’ visions often at odds. Some installments have been great fun, and others have been epic flops. The Flash, fortunately, appears to be on the “worth watching” end of the scale, which is important considering the movie’s status as a reset point for the new DCU franchise.

The trailer for The Flash movie presents the intriguing story of how Barry Allen is forced to confront the consequences of using his powers to alter the course of history. The fast-moving trailer showcases a beautiful CGI world, chaotic action, and a room of many Michael Keaton-esque Batmans, among other draws. DC movies are always highly anticipated, and it looks like The Flash will not disappoint.
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3 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Will Poulter Adam Warlock Chukwudi Iwuji High Evolutionary Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

The MCU’s Guardians of the Galaxy movies earned mass popularity because of their witty one-liners, memorable characters, and killer soundtracks. The full Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 trailer has all the heartwarming moments, solid action, and great lines of dialogue the previous movies are known for. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 focuses on the fan-favorite Rocket, which is an inspired choice.

This MCU movie makes Rocket Raccoon a hero in his own right. The scenes involving the other Guardians also imply genuine growth since the events of their previous films. Although Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 is sadly the last installment in James Gunn’s series, it looks like it will live up to the quality of its predecessors, and will be a Marvel movie goodbye to remember.

2 Air

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in the movie air dressed in period 80s clothing with period hairstyles

Air is another sports movie airing a trailer during the Super Bowl, but rather than starring Michael B. Jordan, actor, it concerns Michael Jordan, basketball star, and the creation of the Air Jordan sneakers named after him. In the modern day, collaborations between sports stars and brands are ubiquitous in every sport. They grace the covers of magazines, social media, and TV ads daily. Air is about the beginning of that phenomenon.

In 1984, Nike created Air Jordans named for Michael Jordan. Crucially, these shoes were also advertised by the now undisputed GOAT as a rookie. Air promises plenty of drama, but it also hits the main beat of a feel-good sports movie – the happy ending. Even non-sports fans know the outcome of the Air Jordan campaign. Air’s angle is a clever twist on this well-worn drama.
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1 Fast X

Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto driving a car in Fast X trailer

Fast X is the tenth installment in the hit movie series that began with The Fast & The Furious. The ten films span over 20 years and are good, fast fun no matter how many times they are watched. Although the initial entries tried to keep closer to the reality of life in the fast lane of illegal street races and daringly stealing cars, the Fast & Furious movies infamously gave up on that with Fast Five. The franchise decided to embrace adrenaline over physics with a series of increasingly unrealistic chases – a decision which fans have rewarded.

Fast X dials this up to eleven and then hits the gas. There is also more humor than usual in this trailer, which hopefully translates to the full movie to make the nonsensical – but, admittedly, cool – chase scenes work. The Fast and Furious movies are at their best when they refuse to take themselves seriously, and there is no way to take a car sliding backward down a dam unharmed seriously. That alone is enough to put Fast X among the best Super Bowl 2023 movie trailers.
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