Fast X’s Retcons To Fast 5 Explained By Fast & Furious Franchise Director

Fast X’s Retcons To Fast 5 Explained By Fast & Furious Franchise Director

Fast X director Louis Leterrier breaks down the retcons to Fast Five for the upcoming sequel. Leterrier is best known for directing Clash of the Titans and The Incredible Hulk, making him no stranger to blockbuster movies. Fast X, however, marks his biggest as it brings back Fast & Furious alums like Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jordana Brewster, Jason Statham, John Cena, Helen Mirren, and Charlize Theron. Coming into play is Jason Momoa, who has beef with Dominic Toretto, since the events of Fast Five transpired. With the first trailer for the film out in time for Super Bowl weekend, what’s been so far revealed teases a rivalry between Dom and Momoa’s character, Dante, 12 years in the making.

Speaking with Total Film, Fast X director Louis Leterrier explains the film’s retcons made to Fast Five’s story. Leterrier revealed that the 2011 film is his favorite of the saga, leading him to look back and ponder a potential way to explore the consequences of Dom and his family’s heist in Brazil, thus leading to the creation of Momoa’s Dante. Read Leterrier’s full quote below:

“See, that’s the problem with giving the greatest fan the franchise the wheel. I looked at my favourite of all the Fast & Furious movies – Fast Five – and I was like, ‘What if, what if, what if?’
Thematically – I’m about to get all serious – the idea is there’s a price to justice. There’s a price to Dom’s life choices, in order to take that darkness from the world. There’s a domino effect. We know that’s the price that Dom, and the family, is going to pay. And Fast Five, for me, represented this the most. Fast Five was the last [Fast] movie that truly dealt with human stakes – the oppression of the poor. Reyes was oppressing the favelas and stealing from them. Dom and the family, they Robin Hood the money, and give it back. But when you think they’re doing the right thing, there’s always somebody who thinks you’re doing the wrong thing. So what we tried to do was to Rashomon the Fast Five safe heist, which is my favourite of all time. We were like, ‘What if we filmed it through the eyes of the bad guys? Where the bad guys, in that vision, are Dom and Brian, and they’re stealing this family safe?’ So we play with time. We play with perspective. That felt like a very strong thematic direction to start the movie. The movie then takes off. There’s craziness that ensues. But thematically, it’s very relatable.”

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Jason Momoa’s Dante, Explained

Jason Momoa licking blood off of a knife in the Fast X trailer

Momoa’s Fast X character is being teased as a chaotic and willful force. The actor himself — while expressing his excitement for finally playing a villain — has teased the character’s villainy, describing Dante as sadistic, androgynous, a bit of a peacock, and full of issues. From the footage so far unveiled by the first trailer, Dante’s shaping up to be a fun and chaotic antagonist.

His villain origin story dates back to Fast Five’s safe heist. While successful in taking down Hernan Reyes, Dom and crew successfully made a new rival. Dante, the son of Reyes, witnessed the fall of his father’s empire firsthand, resulting in him spending the 12 years since plotting his revenge on Diesel’s character and his crew.

This drive for vengeance will not only see Dante turning his attention to Dom and his crew, but also to his family, with part of the Fast X trailer seeing him having kidnapped Dom’s 8-year-old son. In order to save his son, Dom will turn to both his usual group and franchise newcomers Brie Larson and Daniela Melchior, both briefly seen in the trailer. With Momoa’s excitement for the character so far, Fast X shows promise in being a high-octane installment for the franchise.

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