Jason Momoa Hypes His Fast X Villain As Big Surprise For Fans

Jason Momoa Hypes His Fast X Villain As Big Surprise For Fans

Jason Momoa teases what to expect from his Fast & Furious 10 villain. Two decades since it started, The Fast Saga is down to its final two films which will culminate the franchise. In Louis Leterrier’s Fast X, Dominic Toretto and his family are slated to face Momoa’s antagonist only known as Dante who works with Charlize Theron’s Cipher. Principal photography has wrapped up for a while now, but Universal remains mum about the upcoming blockbuster. As its May 2023 release date nears, Momoa has taken it upon himself to hype up the film, particularly his up-to-no-good character.

During his new Wired interview, Momoa was asked by a fan if he’s going to be in Fast X which he confirms. He then adds that he “got a surprise coming to you.” Unfortunately, he didn’t say anything else other than that tease. For context, however, he has previously said that Dante is “a very flamboyant bad boy” with “a little panache” and serious daddy issues which sounds complex, but also very interesting.

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Everything We Know About Fast & Furious 10

Jason Momoa, Vin Diesel, and Brie Larson in Fast and Furious 10

At the end of Fast & Furious 9, Dom has reunited with his family following his match-up with his long-separated brother, Jakob, and Cipher. Things seem to finally back to normal for him and his squad, but knowing that there will still be two more The Fast Saga movies, it’s safe to say that their peace and quiet aren’t going to last long. Despite defeating Cipher twice now, she will likely come up with a brand-new plan to terrorize his family in cooperation with Momoa’s Dante in Fast X.

Luckily for Dom, he will have some allies of his own in the upcoming Fast & Furious movie. Aside from his usual team, Fast X’s family may also include Brie Larsons’ Tess, as well as, Daniela Melchior and Alan Ritchson’s unnamed characters. Meanwhile, the Toretto family grandmother played by Rita Moreno will also appear in Fast X, and so is Helen Mirren’s Queenie Shaw, as well as, Jason Statham’s Deckard Shaw. Aside from the cast, there are also high expectations with regard to the film’s stunts and action set pieces.

As Fast X’s release date inches near, expect that Universal will begin the marketing campaign for the movie soon. While the franchise has proven to have box office pull in the past, there’s additional pressure for the upcoming film to perform well in terms of ticket sales. Recent reports claim that Fast & Furious 10’s budget has ballooned to $356 million. This means that it will have to earn a lot more just to be profitable for Universal.

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Source: Wired

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