John Cena’s Fast X Return Must Resolve Jakob’s Fast & Furious 4 Plot Hole

John Cena’s Fast X Return Must Resolve Jakob’s Fast & Furious 4 Plot Hole

John Cena’s return for Fast X means the franchise must resolve a huge Fast & Furious 4 plot hole following Jakob’s introduction. The Fast & Furious franchise expanded the Toretto family tree in a surprising way with F9. Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his younger sister Mia (Jordana Brewster) were the only family members featured in the first eight movies. F9 changed that by featuring Dom’s father, but the big surprise came through the introduction of Dom’s younger brother, who was never mentioned in prior films. This raised major questions for the Fast & Furious franchise, which F9 mostly ignored.

Much of Jakob’s past remains a mystery even after F9, but it is expected that John Cena will play Dom’s brother again in Fast X. The sequel is the beginning of a two-part finale to the main franchise and its cast. It is expected that just about every character will return, except for Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson). After making a heroic turn in F9’s ending, John Cena’s Jakob is already set up to be one of Fast & Furious 10’s returning characters. The franchise could use him and the potential end of Dom’s story to help resolve a few of the plot holes Jakob’s introduction raised, including a very notable one from Fast & Furious 4.

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One of the most glaring plot holes created by Jakob’s debut comes from Fast & Furious 4. In the movie, Mia tells Dom that she does not want to say goodbye to her “only brother.” The quick line was not addressed in F9, as the movie made it even more confusing. Flashbacks showed that Mia and Jakob were quite close, and the movie even revealed that she stayed in touch with her younger brother after he was blacklisted from the family. It makes no sense that Mia would think of Dom as her “only brother” in any context after F9’s reveal. It is a nearly inexplicable Fast & Furious 4 plot hole as a result, but one that Fast & Furious 10 needs to address in some fashion.

How Fast & Furious 10 Can Make Sense Of Jakob’s Past

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Addressing the Fast & Furious 4 plot hole is a very difficult task, which could be one of the reasons why Fast & Furious 10 will ultimately avoid addressing it. The movie could attempt to explain that Dom is Mia’s only biological brother and reveal that she did not consider Jakob a brother as a result, but that would be problematic for a franchise that has focused on the importance of family, especially found family. It is also way too late and would be extremely complicated for Fast X to try and explain that John Cena’s Jakob Toretto is actually a close friend of Mia and Dom’s and that he is only their “brother” through how close they became as children.

As far as solutions go, one could be that Mia called Dom her “only brother” because she knows even alluding to Jakob would make Dom upset. This would insinuate a possible toxic nature to Dom and Mia’s relationship, as it could mean she felt that Dom’s anger would take over if a reference to Jakob was made. But, F9 already proved that she was willing to keep her check-ins with Jakob a secret from Dom in the past, so this could be Fast X’s best path to explaining this continuity error.

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