Fast 10 Set Image Shows Vin Diesel Filming Outside Rome’s Colosseum

Fast 10 Set Image Shows Vin Diesel Filming Outside Rome’s Colosseum

A new image from the Fast X set shows Vin Diesel filming outside of Rome’s Colosseum. Fast X is directed by franchise newcomer Louis Letterier, and stars a powerhouse combination of veterans from different franchise films alongside new franchise actors. This includes Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Mamoa, Helen Mirren, Charlize Theron, Cardi B, Jordana Brewster, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, and Rita Moreno. The plot of Fast X is yet unknown.

Despite the lack of plot details available, it is known that Fast X is the beginning of the end for Dom Toretto’s arc in the Fast films. Fast X will be followed by Fast and Furious 11, which will close the series. Fast stars Ludacris and Rodriguez have hinted that the Fast franchise will continue beyond the eleventh film, which will act as an end of an era that may be picked up by another cast (both actors have even suggested the films could star their children). Though it is hard to imagine the continuation of the franchise without Dom Toretto, it seems that the Fast universe may not be over even after these next two films.
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As Fast X continues its production, Diesel has shared a new photo of the shoot on his Instagram. The photo, containing a black-and-white filter, features a car outside of the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. The car’s hood is equipped with what appears to be a high-tech camera rig. Diesel stands in a tank top, flexing his muscles while looking at the occupants of the car. Check out the image, below:

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With Fast X filming in Italy, the series can add this iconic location to the list of places the series has gone. Known for their high production values, the Fast films have seen its characters travel all around the world. They have been to cities like Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Los Angeles, New York City, San Juan, and Miami. Rome will be a series first for the Fast franchise. With a plot still unknown, it is unclear how much the film will use this location and how the Fast X crew will get there, but nonetheless, this new city and the stunning architecture of the Colosseum provides immense potential for Fast X.

This photo also only adds to the hype of Fast X. Actors Gibson and Diesel have teased that Fast X will bring the franchise back to its roots, responding to the demands of long-time fans. Much as in the case of the Colosseum location, it is yet unclear how exactly this will actualize within the Fast film. Though many details of Fast X are still to come, these glimpses along the way build the hype for the upcoming Fast film.

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