Fast 10 Set Video Teases More Flying Cars Are In Store For Vin Diesel

Fast 10 Set Video Teases More Flying Cars Are In Store For Vin Diesel

A brand new video from the set of Fast and Furious 10 reveals that there will be more flying car stunts in the movie. Vin Diesel and the rest of Toretto’s “familia” will be facing off with another foe when they return to the big screen for their penultimate adventure. Fast and Furious 10, also known as Fast X, will begin the end of The Fast Saga with Fast and Furious 11 wrapping things up for the main franchise.

Despite some production hiccups that included a last-minute director switch from Justin Lin to Louis Leterrier, principal photography on Fast X is going well, as revealed by multiple images and videos from the set of the movie. The project will feature an even bigger cast with the addition of new characters led by Jason Momoa’s still-unnamed bad guy. Other fresh faces joining the Fast Saga are Brie Larson, Daniela Melchior, Rita Moreno, and Alan Ritchson, also in unknown roles. Obviously, the film series’ core players are all returning and despite a mixed ensemble, everyone seems to be having a great time working on the project.
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A new video shared by Diesel on Instagram shows him hanging out with Ritchson. While both are careful not to reveal spoilers, they tease another aerial car stunt in Fast  X. Watch the clip below:

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Long-time fans of The Fast Saga will be familiar with the set-up in Diesel’s video as it’s reminiscent of the aerial stunt in Fast and Furious 7. In the film, the family also fell from a carrier plane while riding their respective cars as they attempt to rescue Ramsey. It’s difficult to say what exactly is happening in this particular Fast X scene, but it remains to be seen if the film will just re-do an action scene that has been done before (and not too long ago at that) or bring something new to the table. Ever since The Fast Saga outgrew its street racing roots, it has made a name for itself by staging increasingly outrageous stunts. At this point, Diesel and his team should be eager to do something different.

Given that, it’s safe to say that there’s something different in this Fast X stunt compared to what was done in Fast and Furious 7. In Fast and Furious 9, it was established that the Toretto family has the ability to send some of their members to space, and a simple aerial stunt doesn’t seem to be enough of an upgrade from that. This means that whatever Leterrier is planning on doing in this new action set piece is likely trickier, not to mention more dangerous, than what has been done before. At this point, fans are expecting Fast and Furious 10 to go overboard with its stunts, and the cast and crew are well aware of this with the intention of meeting that expectation.

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