Fast & Furious’ Hilarious “I Don’t Have Friends, I Got Family” Meme Explained

Fast & Furious’ Hilarious “I Don’t Have Friends, I Got Family” Meme Explained

Here’s how a line from the Fast & Furious series spawned the hilarious “I Don’t Have Friends, I Got Family” meme. Over the past 20 years, the Fast & Furious movies have evolved from humble beginnings as a modestly budgeted action flick about street racing into a high-octane blockbuster franchise that boasts nine main Fast & Furious movies, a spin-off film and a hit animated series. It’s one of the most successful franchises in media history and its films alone have netted over $6.6 billion to date.

Anyone who has watched a Fast & Furious outing or two will know that Vin Diesel’s character Dom Toretto views his motley crew of street-racing heist-masters as a family than just partners in crime, and it’s something the franchise fandom loves to joke about. When F9 was released in 2021, the internet was flooded with Fast & Furious memes celebrating Dom and his many family-focused catchphrases that hilariously inserted the character into scenes from fellow series like Star Wars, John Wick and the MCU.

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One of the funniest Fast & Furious family-themed memes is known as the “I Don’t Have Friends, I Got Family” meme. This originates from a now-iconic line uttered by Diesel during 2015’s Furious 7 in a scene that sees Dom confront the movie’s villain Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham). After Deckard attempts to intimidate Dom by revealing his alliance with fellow antagonist Mose Jakande (Djimon Hounsou) and asking if he’s ever heard of the saying “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”, Dom retorts with “I don’t have friends, I got family” about his loyal crew.

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A particularly hilarious version of the “I Don’t Have Friends, I Got Family” meme features a scene from Fast & Furious 6 showing Tyrese Gibson’s character Roman performing a death-defying leap onto a speeding car and is accompanied by the caption “I don’t have gravity, I got family.” Another take on the meme splices together the Friends logo and a picture of Vin Diesel (who rejected a solo Dom movie) looking disgruntled with a shot of the Family Matters opening credits and an image of the actor looking happy while making an approving heart sign.

Funnily enough, French DJ David Guetta released a track titled “Family” in late 2021 that featured an opening line – “I don’t got friends, I got family” – suspiciously similar to Toretto’s catchphrase. While Guetta hasn’t cited the films as an inspiration behind this track, a couple of the DJ’s songs have been used in past Fast & Furious movies so he’s probably vaguely aware of the franchise’s found family angle. Regardless, several viewers have hailed Guetta’s track as the franchise’s unofficial theme song so it would be a pretty perfect nod to the catchphrase (and meme) if it turned up on a future Fast & Furious soundtrack.

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