10 Best Fast & Furious Characters Who Only Appeared Once

10 Best Fast & Furious Characters Who Only Appeared Once

After a few speed bumps along the road, Fast X is well into production, and it sports a laundry-list-long ensemble cast. The call sheet is full of actors well-acquainted with the high-octane action franchise and others who are new to it. However, it’s missing a number of fan-favorite characters from previous movies, ones that have only ever appeared in the franchise once.

Between grizzled FBI agents, street racers who made the series popular to begin with, and hilariously theatrical villains, not everyone has been asked to return for the team-up movies. As the franchise has become known for bringing back obscure characters of the series, they might show up at some point, but until then, fans can only dream.


Agent Markham

Agent Markham shoots an ESD harpoon launcher in 2 Fast 2 Furious

The first Fast movie was a crime drama that realistically depicted street racing, but two years later, 2 Fast 2 Furious turned the series into a cartoon with over-the-top souped-up cars and stereotypical characters, which are more like caricatures. One of those caricatures is Markham, an FBI agent who takes himself way too seriously, speaks with a direct authoritative vernacular, and gets angry way too quickly.
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Markham was the first character in the series with whom Roman had a problem. The two characters’ argumentative nature established a type of comedy that the Fast and Furious series now wouldn’t be the same without. And nothing was funnier than when Rome ate Markham’s sandwich.


Leon drives across the desert in The Fast and the Furious

Though the Fast franchise loves to bring back old characters, the only character from the original crew that has returned is Vince in Fast Five. And out of all of them, Vince is the least entertaining. Leon should have returned to the series by now as he’s the best driver in the franchise, and he might have even set the whole series’ events into motion.
In The Fast and the Furious, during the first street race, Leon tells a delivery driver, “Road’s closed, pizza boy,” which seems like nothing more than a throwaway one-liner. However, the line could have encouraged the disgruntled delivery driver to call the police and rat on the racers, and it’d explain how the cops showed up out of nowhere. If Leon returned, this could be mentioned, especially as the Fast franchise is known to give the fans what they want.

Little Nobody

Little Nobody with Dom's crew in Fate of the Furious

The Fate of the Furious put the franchise on the wrong course. Following the highest-grossing movie in the franchise, Furious 7, the eighth movie in the series lost some of its magic, as Dwayne Johnson had a smaller role, the action sequences weren’t as exciting, and after the sad passing of Paul Walker, the beating heart of the series was missing.
However, while it didn’t make up for all of those absences, Little Nobody, Nobody’s son, added some more comedic relief. The law enforcement agent was yet another character for Roman to lock horns with, and their banter made for some of the best of the series. Not seeing Little Nobody in F9 was a surprise, but, thankfully, he will return in Fast X.


Leysa in the back of a truck in Fast Furious 9

F9 sports a huge cast of A-listers from Helen Mirren to John Cena, but one that nobody saw coming was Cardi B. The rapper plays Leysa, who is an old friend of Dom’s and saves him from Hatfield House. Leysa is the head of an all-female paramilitary group, and though it’s a little premature, that’s crying out for a spin-off movie.
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Cardi B might not be a classically trained actor or even an actor for that matter, but she has more charisma than the entire F9 cast combined. At two hours and 20 minutes, Leysa doesn’t get half enough screentime, and it’s almost blasphemous that she only had one scene given how effective it was. But just like Little Nobody, Leysa will be returning in Fast X, and she’ll hopefully have a much larger role.


Chad Lindberg as Jesse in Fast and the Furious

So many blockbuster franchises feature characters who come back from the dead, and the biggest culprit of that is the Fast and Furious series. Even though it isn’t a remotely supernatural or fantastical series, it sure feels like it, as so many characters have died and come back to life with very little explanation, and Han has essentially come back to life twice. However, Jesse died for good, and unsurprisingly, with him not returning, it was by far the most effective death in the franchise.
Jesse was the most relatable character in the Fast movies, and though his murder was inevitable, it was still shocking. But while the audience saw him get shot by Johnny Tran, his actual death was off-screen, so he might not even have died. It’d be exciting for Jesse to randomly show up in a future Fast movie, but it’d also ruin the one genuinely emotive death in the series.


Neela exits a car in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Even though F9 was disappointing fans of Tokyo Drift fans as it ruined one of the most impactful sequences (Han’s crash in the Mazda RX7), it at least got most of the gang back together. Seeing Sean, Twinkie, and Earl back together in a couple of extended scenes that weren’t necessary was a treat for every Tokyo Drift fan, but there was one critical absence.
Neela was Sean’s love interest in Tokyo Drift; she was an incredible drifter in her own right, and she was the emotional crux of the movie. Just like Monica before her, Neela was only in one movie in the series, but at least Monica had a cameo in the Fast Five post-credits scene. As Neela ends up with Sean at the end of Tokyo Drift, he didn’t even bring her up in F9, leading audiences to wonder what happened between them.


Seand and Takashi confront each other in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift

Along with Neela, Takashi, a.k.a. the Drift King, was nowhere to be found in F9, but he was the antagonist of Tokyo Drift. However, while he did work for the Yakuza, he was the most casual villain in a Fast movie. He wasn’t blowing up cars like Johnny Tran in the first movie, and he wasn’t smuggling drugs like Carter Verone in 2 Fast 2 Furious.
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Instead, his biggest crime was acting obnoxiously about being the best racer, and that’s part of Tokyo Drift’s charm as a whole. It’s so casual, inoffensive, and more like a teen drama than an action movie. Takashi is such a memorable character, and it’s easy to see him go through a redemption arc in a new Fast film.


Suki greets Brian in 2 Fast 2 Furious

Suki only appeared in 2 Fast 2 Furious, but she was the MVP of the 2003 movie. It comes as a surprise that Suki didn’t take the role of Ramsey, who was introduced in Furious 7. Suki was close with Tej, she had chemistry with the other characters, and she’s lively and free-spirited, something that the stiff newer movies are in dire need of.
Creating a brand new female character was a weird choice when Suki was one of the most lovable characters of the series, and while Suki isn’t the supersmart computer Hacker that Ramsey is, Tej was never the genius engineer he is now, and Dom was never the invincible superhero he is now. So Suki joining the team would have been fitting, and she needs to return to the Fast series for the finale.

Carter Verone

Cole Hauser and Eva Mendes sitting on couch in 2 Fast 2 Furious

The end of 2 Fast 2 Furious perfectly set up Carter’s return to the series, as he grins at Roman and tells him that he’ll be back. Then, Brian explains that the drug lord will probably be out of jail in a few years. As it’s been almost 20 years, he must be out of jail by now.
Fast X could have the best pay-off ever if Carter returns to get payback on Rome. The dialogue writes itself. Even if he doesn’t return in a sequel, as the Fast series is expanding the universe with spin-offs like Hobbs & Shaw, Carter Verone building his criminal empire would make for a great Fast & Furious spin-off.

Johnny Tran

Johnny Tran at Race Wars in The Fast and The Furious

It’s easy to forget that the Fast franchise is full of villains that only appeared in one movie, as the series is full of bad guys that feature in every new release, whether it’s Deckard Shaw or Cipher. It’s familial too, as Deckard set out to avenge his brother, who was the villain in Fast and Furious 6.
But the very first movie featured Johnny Tran, who only had one appearance as the main villain. It’s fascinating how the film portrays Tran as such a bad guy considering that Dom is just as villainous and possibly worse. Dom even punches Johnny for simply winning a race. The first film is delightfully melodramatic, and part of the reason why is the feud between Johnny and Dom’s crew.
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