Jason Momoa’s Fast X Update Should Ease Some Fan Concerns

Jason Momoa’s Fast X Update Should Ease Some Fan Concerns

A behind-the-scenes video showing Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa on the set of Fast X should go a long way towards easing fan concerns regarding the upcoming sequel. After the massive success of F9, the Fast & Furious franchise is soon set to return with its tenth installment. In keeping with franchise tradition, the film will see the Fast Saga’s ensemble cast expand to include the likes of Brie Larson and Jason Momoa.

However, the Fast & Furious movies haven’t been without their share of controversy. First was Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s exit from the franchise, followed by a very public feud with Fast & Furious actor/producer Vin Diesel. Johnson alluded to tensions on set, with the implication being that Diesel had acted unprofessionally. More recently, Fast X director Justin Lin (another franchise veteran) stepped down, with Diesel’s behavior again reportedly to blame.
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However, a video showing Jason Momoa and Vin Diesel on Fast 10’s set may help ease any concerns about the production of the upcoming sequel. Despite there being talks of Diesel’s on-set behavior being problematic, the video shows Momoa and Diesel goofing off between scenes, creating a very different image for the production of Fast X than has previously been reported. The lack of any apparent tension is an encouraging sign, dispelling the notion of Fast & Furious 10’s problems amid claims of Diesel having acted unprofessionally towards other members of the cast and crew.

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The addition of Jason Momoa to the film’s cast was clearly an excellent choice. Not only has Momoa already established himself as a genuine talent in Hollywood, but he’s become equally known for his positivity and fun-loving attitude. This brings some much-needed levity to the reportedly tense production, and the behind-the-scenes video of Momoa and Diesel proves that this seems to be the case.

As the franchise is built on the ideals of family and friendship, the addition of new characters is perhaps something of a gamble. With such a large previously established cast, the Fast & Furious franchise adding new actors into the mix could prove challenging, but the video proves that Momoa is an excellent fit. Not only does it seemingly dispel the idea that the Fast X set is fraught with tension, but it offers an encouraging insight into exactly what Momoa will bring to his role in the upcoming film.

Though the Fast & Furious franchise is still going as strong as ever, reports of Johnson and Lin having issues with Vin Diesel were a cause for concern. However, the video seems to show that Momoa’s own carefree attitude is contagious and that he and Diesel are already enjoying a good working relationship. With Momoa cast as Fast 10’s villain, it would seem that the problems reported by Johnson and Lin’s departure from the franchise may not affect the overall quality of Fast X, which will undoubtedly be a relief for concerned fans.

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