Vin Diesel Goofs Off With Jason Momoa In Fast 10 Set Video

Vin Diesel Goofs Off With Jason Momoa In Fast 10 Set Video

Vin Diesel goofs off with Jason Momoa in a new video from the set of Fast 10. Released last year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, F9: The Fast Saga was the biggest entry in the Fast & Furious franchise to date, introducing several new characters and even sending a car into space for the first time. Not long after F9 was released, it was confirmed that Dominic Toretto (Diesel) and the rest of the gang would return in two additional installments, which would act as a conclusion to The Fast Saga.

The plot of Fast 10 remains unknown, but Diesel revealed the official title of the film, Fast X, back in April. In addition to regular cast members like Jordana Brewster, Michelle Rodriguez, Ludacris, and Tyrese Gibson, Fast 10 will introduce several new characters, including a villain by Momoa and a currently unknown character played by Brie Larson. Although now just over a month into filming Fast 10, the movie has already been plagued by a ballooning budget and reports of issues behind-the-scenes, many of which came to light after director Justin Lin’s sudden announcement that he was departing the film.

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In a new post on Instagram, however, Diesel shows that he’s clearly still having a great time making Fast 10, with the actor sharing a video of him goofing off with Momoa on the set of a major action sequence. The video features a shirtless Momoa lying on the hood of a purple muscle car, joking that he’s “trying to be in the new Whitesnake video.” Check out Diesel’s post below:

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It’s interesting to hear from Diesel that it’s the fifth week of filming for Fast 10, but that the set depicted in the video is for an exciting action sequence. The set appears to be a mock-up of a freeway, with the whole thing surrounded by a large blue screen and featuring an array of vehicles. Momoa has already been spotted driving a motorcycle on the set of Fast 10, but Diesel’s new video provides a first look at what could be his character’s colorful muscle car.

It’s unknown what type of villain Momoa will be playing in the upcoming Fast & Furious film, but he and Diesel are clearly getting along swimmingly on set together. Fast & Furious has made something of a habit of introducing villain characters only to have them eventually join the side of the heroes, and Momoa certainly seems poised for a similar transition. Although the professionalism of Diesel’s on-set behavior has been called into question in recent weeks, it would appear that, at least for the time being, Momoa is enjoying his time as part of the Fast Saga on Fast 10.

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