10 Hilarious Comments The Fast & Furious 10’s New Name, According To Reddit

10 Hilarious Comments The Fast & Furious 10’s New Name, According To Reddit

The fact that the Fast and Furious titles don’t follow a pattern has itself become a pattern, and Vin Diesel’s announcement that Fast and Furious 10 is titled Fast X hilariously continues the amusing exercise. The movie again drops the “furious” and, instead of using ordinal numbers, it uses Roman numerals for the first time.

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And while the title is fairly simple and doesn’t require much reading into, Redditors have done the exact opposite. Based on the name alone, Redditors have predicted crossovers and the theme music, and they’ve made some unfortunate observations that probably have the producers regretting the title.

The X-Men Will Appear

Ian McKellan as Magneto in X-Men 2000 in iconic helmet

It’s easy to see how JL1823 makes the connection between Fast and Furious 10’s new name and X-Men, especially seeing as how Fast X’s name suspiciously looks like the metallic logo for the mutant movie. The Redditor hilariously notes, “this is how they introduce the X-Men into the MCU.” Unfortunately, Universal doesn’t own the rights to the superhero franchise and there’s no chance of it happening.

However, it’s still fun to imagine, and though it would be a licensing rights nightmare, if it was possible, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that Vin Diesel would do everything in his power to incorporate the superhero team. There’d even be a fight scene between Dom (Diesel,) and Wolverine, and Dom would end up winning.

There’s No Furious

Fast and Furious 10 Logo

The Fast and the Furious was originally the name of a 1950s Roger Corman movie, but the title fits the original movie well (as it was a gritty crime-action flick, and Dominic Toretto certainly fit the title’s description). The movie was originally titled Redline, which is a lot less exciting.

But following Fast Five, the series has once again dropped the “furious” from the name. BetterCallSal sarcastically notes that the series “had gotten 2 fast earlier. So they had to back off a bit.” The Redditor is referring to the title of the underrated 2 Fast 2 Furious.

The Series’ Names Are All Over The Place

Brian's Yenko Camaro dives to Veron's boat in 2 Fast 2 Furious

UltraLowSpecGamer notes that based on the past nine movies, released over 22 years, “there isn’t even a bit of consistency here.” Not one movie matches with another, which must be completely unprecedented for a blockbuster movie franchise.

After the second movie established numbered sequels, Tokyo Drift opted for a subtitle instead. Then the fourth movie essentially had the same name as the original film, but it wasn’t a remake or reboot. Then the eighth movie’s title was a pun and the ninth movie barely even has a title. The only consistency is that every title has an “F” in it (a CinemaScore that F9 was lucky to avoid).

It Isn’t Called FUR10US

Fast and Furious cast

Though none of the titles in the series remotely match, the producers clearly love playing around with numbers, such as replacing “too” with “2.” As Citizen_31415 notes, Universal had another chance to do that with the tenth installment in the series. The Redditor types out the title like, “FUR10US,” and it works aesthetically and makes way more sense than Fast X.

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Though it might not be a pun, it’s a more realistic title, even if it is the fan’s second favorite. However, something that fans might not know is that the original movie is based on a Vibe news article called Racer X, so the new title could be a reference to that.

It Isn’t Called Fast10 Your Seatbelts

Dwayne Johnson as Luke Hobbs in tactical gear in Fast Five

Reddit as a whole is outraged that the movie isn’t titled Fast10 Your Seatbelts. The Franchise is one to give the fans what they want, as they had been talking about the family going into space years before it happened in F9. So there was a faint glimmer of hope that the studio would appease fans once again by giving it the long joked-about title.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, and StrangeAeons1 thinks it’s because “they didn’t have the [guts]” to do it. It would have been the perfect opportunity for the series to finally have matching titles, as Fate of the Furious is a pun on it being the eighth movie. But the line will no doubt be said in the movie, or it’ll be the tagline on the poster.

The Series Will Never End

Ramsey sits at a computer in Furious 7

Universal is, undoubtedly, working at the fastest speed possible to pump out movies in the franchise, as they’re beloved, entertaining, and huge moneymakers. UnknownDerpyDerp doesn’t see an end in sight, but that’s simply because “they will stop once they reached the end of the numbers.”

Some think that the Fast series has too many sequels, and while the movies have a huge fanbase, it’s almost unbelievable that it has lasted 22 years. And the Redditor thinks it isn’t going to end unless studio executives forget how to count.

The xXx Crossover

Xander Cage Firing Rocket Launcher in xXx

People think that the Fast series should crossover with Jurassic Park, but based on the new title reveal, Bizchasty has other ideas. The Redditor posits, “only 20 more installments until a glorious xXx crossover.” Diesel’s one other hot property outside of the Fast series is the xXx franchise, a series about Xander Cage, who is an NSA spy and an extreme sports enthusiast.

The series is just as outlandish as Fast and Furious, but because they’re so similar, that’s exactly why a crossover might not work. However, if the Fast series reaches 30 movies, it doesn’t only deserve to crossover with xXx, it should get to crossover with whatever other franchise it wants.

How Universal Comes Up With The Titles

Sean prepares to race in his 1971 Chevrolet Monte Carlo in Tokyo Drift

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has superproducer Kevin Feige behind it, who has a coherent vision and more than anything can give a 20+ movies series some much-needed uniform. However, the same can’t exactly be said for the Fast franchise, which clearly doesn’t have a singular figurehead overseeing the series’ trajectory, at least not based on the titles, that is.

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But Romeo9594 thinks it goes much deeper than that. The Redditor hilariously posits that “It’s actually been 10 different people naming these, and they’re all kept in a different room and aren’t allowed to talk to each other or know what past titles were.”

The Theme Music

Brian and Tej at a street racing event in 2 Fast 2 Furious

Fast and Furious features some great songs, and the series was known for its tie-in music as much as it was for popularizing street racing. Ja Rule made a song for the first movie, Ludacris made a song for the second movie, and The Teriyaki Boys made a song for Tokyo Drift.

It was a tradition that a catchy rap song was released alongside each movie, and SeductiveGodofThundr thinks that tradition should return for Fast X. Though it isn’t an original track, Redditor demands that “if the trailer isn’t set to ‘X Gon’ Give It To Ya,’ someone needs to be fired,” and there’s no denying it’d fit perfectly.

It’s The Name Of A Laxative

Dom Toretto cameo in The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift

The Fast franchise often takes itself way too seriously, and it regularly thinks that it’s way more profound than it actually is, so there isn’t much toilet humor in the movies. However, with Fast X, that might be about to change. DulgUnum makes that strange observation that “Fast X sounds like a laxative,” but it isn’t actually all that strange.

Interestingly, there is actually a tablet that has a similar function with an extremely similar name, Gas-X. It’s an unfortunate link, and if anyone at Universal knew this beforehand, the studio probably wouldn’t have ended up going with the title.

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