10 Hilarious Theories About Fast X, According To Reddit

10 Hilarious Theories About Fast X, According To Reddit

For better or worse, the Fast and Furious franchise is still going after 22 years, and it’s bigger than ever, as Vin Diesel just revealed the title for the 10th installment of the series, Fast X. Though it isn’t the Fast10 Your Seatbelts title like many had hoped, it has still managed to hilariously ignite a bunch of fan theories and ideas on where the Fast family will go next.

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As the last movie saw the crew literally go into space, Redditors’ theories are particularly inventive, and there is absolutely no basis for some of them. Between opening up a Vin Diesel multiverse, crossing over with horror franchises, and searching for Pandora’s Box, there are no stupid ideas in the Fast world.

The Series Is A Prequel To Cars

Lightning and Mate smile at each other in Cars 2

While there are tons of movies Pixar should make before Cars 4, there’s a chance that loads of films in the Pixar series have been released under everyone’s noses without anybody knowing. When it comes to the Fast and Furious series, ThePreciseClimber thinks that “the whole franchise is just an elaborate prequel to Pixar’s Cars.”

The theory somehow makes a lot of sense, as Cars is clearly set in a dystopian future and there has been no explanation as to why there are no humans in the world. It could be that as the Fast series becomes more epic with each release, it’s slowly leading up to the destruction of man where the cars of the former street racing series take over.


Xander Cage Firing Rocket Launcher in xXx

Though the Fast series is known for its ensemble cast, it’s very much the Vin Diesel show, especially now that Dwayne Johnson is no longer part of the franchise. Gummy-Worm-Guy thinks that there couldn’t be anything more epic or celebratory for the landmark 10th film in the series than to incorporate a multiverse.

Multiverses are a popular trend in Hollywood right now, as the MCU is currently reveling in one, Everything Everywhere All At Once has a unique spin on one, and the DCEU will introduce one in The Flash. The Redditor thinks the movie will “open up a multiverse where Dominic Toretto interacts with Shane Wolfe, Xander Cage, and Groot.” Those are all characters played by Vin Diesel, and though it sounds like a licensing rights nightmare, it’d be so weird and wonderful, even if the characters outside of Groot are all indistinguishable.

The Iron Giant Is Mr. Nobody’s Secret Weapon

The Giant sacrificing himself in The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant might be great in a huge multiversal Fast and Furious movie, but TheBreak22 has a better idea of how the iconic alien could be incorporated into the series. The Redditor thinks that “Mr. Nobody reveals the latest secret weapon project: The Iron Giant” in the upcoming 10th movie.

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Mr. Nobody is the alias of a government agent, who was introduced in Furious 7 and has a warehouse full of advanced tech and weaponry. So it would hardly be surprising if he pulled a cover off a giant mechanical beast revealing the Iron Giant, just as he would with sports cars.

It’ll Be A Crossover With Jason X

Uber Jason in the virtual reality version of Camp Crystal Lake in Jason X

Jason X is universally hated, and even fans of the Friday the 13th franchise dislike it, as the series had long jumped the shark by this point. The movie sees Jason in space, and that’s why Time-Space-Anomaly thinks that a crossover with Dominic and his family is where the series is heading, as F9 saw Rome and Tej go into space in a rocket-powered Pontiac Fiera.

The Redditor succinctly explains that the franchise “needs a space crossover with Jason X.” celebrated director Quentin Tarantino would probably agree with the Reddit user, as Tarantino thinks Jason X is a great horror. It would have been great if, instead of reaching the International Space Station, Rome and Tej landed on Earth-Two, where Jason X is set.

Tom Cruise Appears As Tony Stark

Fan art of Tom Cruise as Iron Man

As plausibility isn’t exactly a guideline in the Fast & Furious screenwriting manual, this demand comes with as little plausibility or logical explanation as anything else in the series, and the two aren’t even remotely linked. But that doesn’t stop Flaccomcorangy from wanting to see Tom Cruise appear as Tony Stark in an end-credits scene of Fast X.

The Redditor has even written the dialogue for the scene, as when Dom meets with Stark, he tells him, “I’m here to talk to you about the Family initiative.” The Reddit user obviously has the upcoming MCU movie on their minds, as Cruise is rumored to cameo in Doctor Strange 2 as the billionaire playboy philanthropist.

Dom Becomes President

Dom warns Brian to not break Mia's heart in The Fast And The Furious (2001)

Coast_watcher has an absolutely contrived idea of how Fast X will pan out, but it’s still totally sensical in the world of the franchise. The Redditor believes that “Dom will be President and battle the Alien invasion.”

Given that Diesel’s contract states that he can’t lose a fight and he has to look as heroic as possible, there’s nothing that’ll make a movie star look more heroic than playing the President of the United States. So the likelihood of this happening is surprisingly high. And at the very least, Dom will probably comment a crime for the greater good and get a Presidential pardon, there’s nothing more Fast and Furious-like than that.

It Should Have Real World Physics

Dom and Brian on a car in Fast Five.

Though it isn’t technically a theory, RamenJunkie thinks the movie should go in an interesting direction, and it’s the only way that the series could have real stakes. The Redditor thinks the movie should take inspiration from The Last Action Hero and the video game Saints Row 4 as “they escape from the simulation/movie, and everything is suddenly hardcore, real-world physics.”

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Seeing Dom the crew struggle with what would have otherwise been a piece of cake would make for some great physical comedy. And at the same time, it would give credence to the meta jokes in F9 about how Rome thinks he’s a movie character.

They’ll Visit The Earth’s Core

The crew members in the cockpit in The Core

BarkeyBarley looks inwards and reckons that the upcoming sequel should be the exact opposite of the space-visiting F9. The Redditor thinks that “maybe they can go to the earth’s core this time.” Just as the first movie in the series is a secret remake of Point Break, Fast X could come full circle and secretly remake The Core.

The Core isn’t the greatest movie in the world and it’s so scientifically incorrect. But the 2003 release is still an entertaining film, as a group of scientists visits the Earth’s core to set off explosions, which will then restart the Earth’s rotation. Fast X could be exactly that… but with cars.

There’ll Be Time Travel

Dom behind the wheel in Tokyo Drift

Time travel is a popular narrative that Fast fans have countlessly discussed with pure excitement and glee, and it’s GentlemanT-rex who first brings it to attention after the 10th movie’s title reveal. The Fast franchise is completely unpretentious and has been known to happily gives fans exactly what they want, as going into space was championed by fans years before it happened in F9. So it wouldn’t be surprising if Universal rewards longtime fans once again by including the sci-fi trope.

But the Reddit user has an absurd but hilarious idea for the villain, as Dom should tell “Adolf Hitler about how he doesn’t know a thing about ‘race superiority until he’s been on the street.'” Tarantino might have revised World War II history with Inglourious Basterds, but this is taking it to another level.

Dom Becomes A Demi-God
Dominic Toretto is essentially already a god, as he has survived falls from hundreds of feet high, and he simply dusts himself off without even a scratch. That extends to the rest of the family too, as Rome and Tej survived what they described themselves as a “suicide mission” to space.

Letty would have been killed multiple times too if the law of physics actually existed in the series. But SWO_Woodsman_945 thinks it’ll be made official in Fast X, as Dom is crowned a Demi-God and for some reason “has to go to the top of Mount Olympus and open Pandora’s Box.”

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