Gisele Isn’t Dead In Fast & Furious

Gisele Isn’t Dead In Fast & Furious

Gal Gadot’s Gisele Yashar seemingly died in Fast & Furious 6, but there’s a strong chance that the fan theory of her eventual return will come to pass. Thanks to her affinity with cars, Gisele Yashar quickly became a significant character for the Fast Saga franchise in 2009’s Fast & Furious ahead of her return in Fast Five. In that film, she also met Han Lue (Sung Kang), with the two soon falling in love.

Gisele would subsequently reappear once more for Fast & Furious 6 before sacrificing herself to save Han during the movie’s long airport runway battle. Despite Fast & Furious 6’s rampant box office success, Gadot would subsequently find even bigger stardom as Wonder Woman in the DCEU, with any future Gisele appearances in the Fast Saga looking to be off the table as a result. However, there’s reason to believe that this may no longer be the case as the upcoming two-part finale Fast & Furious 10 and 11 looks to wrap up the hugely popular Fast Saga in style.
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As far back as 2017, a Reddit fan theory posted by u/omegansmiles suggested that both Gisele and Han were not actually dead. This theory would prove to be at least half-accurate in 2021, with the return of Han in F9 making u/omegansmiles appear particularly prescient. While there are no known plans for Gisele to return for Fast & Furious 10 to date, the evidence laid out by this fan-favorite theory and Han’s own return makes a compelling case that she won’t be far behind him.

Owen Shaw Survived (& Gisele Is Highly Trained)

Luke Evans as Owen Shaw in The Fate of the Furious

As pointed out in the aforementioned Reddit post, the antagonist of Fast & Furious 6, Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), survived the runway battle Gisele seemingly perished in. As the plane was trying to take off, weighed down by two cars dangling from its wings, Owen was ejected out onto the runway in his bid to escape. The trajectory of his fall was even greater than that of Gisele’s, yet he was shown in an intensive care unit in the opening of Furious 7. The Fate of the Furious even brought him back as an active player in Owen’s team-up with his brother Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham), so, in this way, Gisele’s fall in F6 wasn’t necessarily fatal.

Also working in Gisele’s favor is her military background and extensive training for the kinds of situations Dom and his “family” often find themselves in. As an ex-Mossad agent, the popular Reddit theory also points out that Gisele is well-equipped for life-threatening missions and might’ve made her sacrifice a ploy safe in the knowledge that she could survive it. If Gisele had, as the Reddit post states, “tucked and rolled” in her landing, her survival isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Gisele’s Body Was Never Recovered

When the plane finally crashes on the runway in Fast & Furious 6, the aircraft explodes, with Dom driving his commandeered car through the flaming wreckage to safety in an early superhero comic book-Esque moment by the Fast & Furious franchise. This action alone put Dom in far more immediate peril than Gisele, with Dom literally surviving an explosion with only an onboard car as his shield against the flames and intense heat. As pointed out in the Reddit post, Han’s body was also not retrieved from the car explosion he supposedly died in, an improbable occurrence given the effect of flames on the human body.

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A more subtle hint that Gisele may have survived in Fast & Furious 6 is the lack of a tombstone ever shown for Gisele after her death, which seems like a major oversight in a series in which the operative word is “family.” In contrast, after the “death” of Letty Ortiz (Michelle Rodriguez), she was given a tombstone, which can be clearly seen in Furious 7 despite her return from the dead. This disparity, therefore, could be explained by the makers of the Fast & Furious franchise never actually intending to show Gisele as definitively dead. In this way, if even Fast & Furious characters with tombstones such as Letty can’t be ruled out for a return, u/omegansmiles isn’t wrong that Gisele, in lacking one, could come back herself.

Fast & Furious Characters Return From “Death” Frequently

As aforementioned, Letty’s demise was overtly shown in Fast & Furious, only for the end-credits scene of Fast Five to establish that she was still alive. Letty’s return is one of the major components of the Fast Saga post-Fast Five, with her reappearance establishing that she and Dom even married before his supposed death. Most recently, F9 brought Han back after Shaw appeared to kill him. Clearly, the Fast Saga’s policy with death is a very open-ended one, with the door always open for a return despite how seemingly impossible it may be.

As a result, There’s absolutely no reason to think that this wouldn’t extend to Gisele as one of Dom’s crew. As addressed in u/omegansmiles’ Reddit post, Letty, Han, and Owen’s “deaths” involved fire, cars, and impacts on concrete, with none actually being shown on-screen. If Letty, Han, and Owen can all come back from accidents of that sort, Gisele most certainly can too.

Han’s F9 Return Makes Gisele’s Comeback From The Dead More Likely

Gisele and Han in Fast and Furious

Due to its long pandemic delay, audiences knew of Han’s survival and return in F9 much further in advance than they were originally going to via the film’s trailer. Yet despite a heavily publicized and leaked comeback, Han’s romance with Gisele also makes his return much a bigger deal. When Han debuted in The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift, he mentioned a tragic love from his past, which eventually was revealed as Gisele when the two met in the prequel, Fast Five. Their final scene in that movie even had Gisele suggesting Tokyo as their next destination, with Han alluding to his Tokyo Drift future in his reply by saying “We’ll get there. Eventually.”

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While the online #JusticeForHan campaign aimed at Deckard Shaw facing consequences for his attempted murder initially facilitated Han’s comeback, his return could come full circle with Gisele also being brought back into the fold. Like the romances of Dom and Letty and Brian and Mia, Han and Gisele’s love was an integral part of their life of adventure, meaning with Han back in action, Gisele need not be kept out of the game anymore herself.

While the logistics of Gisele’s survival work perfectly within Fast & Furious parameters, the bigger challenge for her return would be explaining her long absence. Letty was afflicted with amnesia for years, leading her to become part of Owen Shaw’s gang, while Han was tasked with a secret mission by the mysterious Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell). In this way, the specifics of Gisele’s disappearance would be arguably more important than those of her survival, with Fast & Furious 10 needing to conjure a plausible story for her return. Even so, with how casually the Fast & Furious series brings back characters from the dead, there’s no reason to think that Fast & Furious 6 was truly Gisele’s last appearance in the franchise anymore.

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