Fast & Furious 10 Should Reverse One Brie Larson Career Trend

Fast & Furious 10 Should Reverse One Brie Larson Career Trend

Brie Larson joining The Fast and Furious 10 should reverse a career trend for the actress. The Fast Saga is down to its last two films, and Universal Pictures appears to be pulling all the stops to make sure that they will deliver a satisfying end to the fan-favorite franchise. Part of that is bringing in a couple more A-listers, the latest of which is Brie Larson herself. However, her involvement gives The Fast and Furious 10 the opportunity to pull off something totally unexpected. 

The Fast Saga has come a long way from its street racing roots. Over the years, it has successfully transitioned to become a full-fledged action-adventure franchise that’s known for its over-the-top action set pieces – a decision many viewers seemingly love, as each of its more recent films has become box office winners. Given this, it has also attracted a string of Hollywood actors who want to be involved. The Fast and Furious 10 has already cast Jason Momoa as an unnamed villain, and more recently, they also brought in Brie Larson. 

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Franchise star and producer Vin Diesel made the casting announcement himself on his official Instagram account. Larson has since then addressed her new gig, but neither revealed anything about how she fits in The Fast and Furious 10’s narrative. Looking at the actress’ acting resume, The Fast Saga has a chance to subvert expectations with her involvement by making her a villain. Larson has been in show business since 1999, but it was only in 2015 when she started gaining worldwide recognition after winning the Oscars Best Actress accolade for her performance in Room. Since then, she has appeared in several blockbusters such as Kong: Skull Island and several MCU projects as Captain Marvel, wherein she plays one of the good guys. Even in smaller projects like Just Mercy where she portrayed Eva Ansley, an advocate for the Equal Justice Initiative, she still represented the good in the story. So, it would be totally unexpected if Larson switches things up and is one of the villains in The Fast and Furious 10. 

Considering the ridiculousness of The Fast Saga, The Fast and Furious 10 is the perfect opportunity to do this. And since the franchise is nearing its end, Larson doesn’t have to reprise the role a couple more times — at the most. She could be in cahoots with Momoa’s flamboyant villain, or even be someone tied to Charlize Theron’s Cipher. Whatever the case may be, Larson playing one of the bad guys is infinitely more interesting than her showing up to be an ally to Dom Toretto (Diesel) and the “la familia.” In any case, the group has already grown significantly in The Fast and the Furious 9 with the return of The Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift crew, not to mention the resurrection of Han Lue (Sung Kang). Shoehorning Larson’s mysterious character in the group wouldn’t give her enough screen time where she can flex her acting muscles. 

There’s no doubt that Larson can act, and at this point in her career, she can be more discerning in the roles that she wants to take on. But The Fast and Furious 10 is the perfect avenue for her to try something new. As she continues to play Captain Marvel in the MCU, The Fast Saga offers her a chance to portray a totally different character to the majority of her previous well-known roles. 

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