This Theory Has Way Too Much Evidence

This Theory Has Way Too Much Evidence

The Fast & Furious series is speeding to a two-movie finale, and a number of hints suggest it will include the arrival of aliens. The Fast Saga, as it’s also known, has had a wild history, to put it mildly, the series’ transforming so much over its 20-year run as to be unrecognizable how it began with 2001’s The Fast & the Furious. Not only has the tone and overall style of the franchise changed dramatically, but so too has what its very calling card is.

The Fast & the Furious set the franchise’s table with street racing and low-level crime as its focus. 2011’s Fast Five transitioned the franchise into heists and globe-trotting adventure, with the car chase element still present but recontextualized. Fast Five was also a new beginning for the Fast and Furious series, setting it on a path that involved the franchise one-upping itself with increasingly outlandish scenarios.

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2021’s F9 acted as kind of culmination of craziness for the Fast Saga, one in which physics don’t simply take a back seat, but really aren’t even a passenger. With Fast 10 and Fast 11 on the way, theories continue to abound about how much further the two-part finale will dial up plowing head first through the casually laughable. Where the Fast Saga presently stands, aliens wouldn’t just fit in, but may have actually been set up by its most recent installments, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw and F9.

Hobbs & Shaw’s Villains Might Have Alien Connections

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While the Fast Saga had fully morphed into it’s one-of-a-kind brand of silliness by the time of The Fate of the Furious, Hobbs & Shaw added a multitude of new sci-fi components. These included the sinister Eteon terrorist organization and the movie’s main villain, the cybernetic soldier Brixton Lore (Idris Elba). Both weren’t just a far cry from Dom’s DVD players heists in The Fast and the Furious, but also could be the first hint of the arrival of aliens.

Eteon’s commander that Brixton is seen reporting to is never actually shown, only heard in a monotone, machine-like voice, leaving their identity unknown. This could point to Eteon being formed by, or working for, alien visitors. Brixton’s cybernetic upgrades also could be the result of alien technology. Furthermore, his and Eteon’s stated goal of wiping out a large percentage of humanity to save mankind from its own excess sounds a lot like a backdoor alien conquest of Earth. While Hobbs & Shaw may have secretly planted the seeds for aliens in the Fast Saga, F9 took the series one step closer.

F9’s Space Car May Have Had A Hidden Purpose

Fast and Furious 9 Tej and Roman in space car

Ahead of the release of F9, it was well-known that it was going to take the Fast & Furious series into space. Within the general conversation about F9 being the most ridiculous Fast & Furious movie to date, the space car piloted by Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) was a specific point of focus. With their makeshift space vehicle and space suits fashioned from scuba diver outfits, F9 was quite flimsy (to be generous) in its science. Still, F9’s space car might’ve had a covert purpose all along of servicing the debut of aliens later in the series.

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Aside from its in-story purpose of stopping a weaponized satellite in the orbit, F9’s space car set a precedent of space travel in the Fast Saga. As that would be a necessary element of aliens arriving to Earth, F9 did the job of making outer space a frontier that the Fast & Furious series both has and can venture to. Fast 10 & 11 bringing aliens into the equation would probably still feel like a bit of a jolt for audiences, it would be less so with F9’s very fictionalized space element already presented. The gradual tone shift the whole series has undergone had a subtle progression to ease audiences in. The Fast Saga’s finale involving aliens would be no different, with subtle hints dropped along the way to acclimate viewers without being noticed.

Would Aliens Work In Fast & Furious 10?

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After nine proper movies, one spin-off with Hobbs & Shaw, and the Netflix animated series Fast & Furious Spy Racers, the Fast Saga is a fluke of filmmaking nature. The Fast & Furious series slowly re-invented itself as a kid of cross between James Bond and an Ed Wood B-movie. Any other action movie franchise trying something similar would’ve fallen apart by the second or third chapter. The Fast Saga is unique in that its absurdity is something it wears like a badge of honor.

With the Fast Saga wrapping up in two more movies (albeit without Dwayne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs), its larger-than-life craziness is something that’s impossible for it to shed. Going over the line means nothing for Fast & Furious series anymore, with everything from time-travel to dinosaurs being proposed as possible elements for Fast 10 & 11 to integrate. Aliens, for the Fast Saga, wouldn’t be anywhere near a bridge too far, and would even feel perfectly logical for the series. More importantly, the series has shown no reluctance at all at dipping into sci-fi territory, as Hobbs & Shaw and F9 show. This makes the integration of aliens into the Fast Saga something that would hardly be a tone change for the franchise. In short, aliens being a functional component of the Fast Saga gets a “yes” by any metric.

By the time of F9, the Fast & Furious franchise was making a quite persuasive case of the Fast Saga being a superhero series in everything but name. The fact of that transition makes aliens even being a question of tonal consistency or plausibility seem totally inapplicable to the franchise in question. The question really seems less one of “Will aliens show up in the Fast & Furious movies?” and more about when they could make an entrance. Thanks to the groundwork laid and breadcrumbs dropped by Hobbs & Shaw and F9, audiences already have quite a bit to prepare them for aliens coming down to Earth in the Fast & Furious series’ finale. While the science isn’t likely to be any more realistic, such is the feature rather than the bug of the adventures of Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and crew in the Fast & Furious movies.

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