The Fast & The Furious (2001): The 10 Best Quotes

The Fast & The Furious (2001): The 10 Best Quotes

More than 20 years since it hit theaters, The Fast & The Furious is still held in high regard by franchise fans. The movie had a fairly simple plot, with Dom and his crew only focusing on racing and stealing DVD players, compared to the current installments that have veered off into espionage territory.

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Apart from the colorful cars and expert drifting, another thing that makes the Rob Cohen project such a memorable installment, is the dialogue. Even the minor characters have a cool line or two. But which quotes truly stand out in the movie? A few can be singled out as not only superior in the movie but in the franchise as a whole.

When Dom Learns Brian Has Fallen For Mia:
“You Break Her Heart, I’ll Break Your Neck.”

Dom warns Brian to not break Mia's heart in The Fast And The Furious (2001)

Brian and Mia have one of the best relationships in the Fast & Furious franchise and their romance blossoms in the first movie. Brian falls for Mia as soon as he befriends Dom and when Dom notices, he issues him a warning.

There’s no doubt that Dom means what he says because, at that particular moment, Mia is the only blood relative he has. His relationship with her has always been a deep one too. She supports him and tries her best to be part of the life he has chosen, even though she is generally laid-back. In future installments, she is seen revealing her secrets to Dom before she does to Brian.

When Letty Spots Two Women Trying To Flirt With Dom:
“Why Don’t You Girls Pack It Up Before I Leave Tread Marks On Your Face?”

Letty warns girls to stay away from Dom in Fast and Furious (2001) - I Smell Skanks Scene

In the early stages of the movie, Letty arrives at a nighttime racing event and spots two women flirting with Dom. Without hesitating, she lets them know that it would be in their best interest to walk away.

Dom is just as impressed as the viewers when he sees Letty warning them off since he understands that she is doing it out of love. She isn’t just making an empty threat either. She can kick a** when she wants to. In every movie she has appeared in, Letty has continued to establish herself as one of the best Fast & Furious fighters.

When Brian Professes His Love To Mia:
“The Only Thing That Pulled Me In Is You, Being Friends With Your Brother Is Just A Bonus.”

MIa flirts with Brian in The Fast And The Furious (2001)

While alone with Brian, Mia goes on to praise Dom, claiming that everyone is always pulled to him. Brian disagrees, arguing that it isn’t Dom that attracted him to the crew but her.

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Brian isn’t being truthful because what actually pulled him in is his desire to take down the crew. But as for what made him change his mind, that’s his love for Mia. If she wasn’t in the picture, he probably would have gone ahead and finished the job instead of warning Mia that the police were after Dom.

When Dom Explains To Brian How He Stays Happy And Focused:
“I Live My Life A Quarter-Mile At A Time. Nothing Else Matters… Not The Mortgage, Not The Store.”

Dom explains hiss life policies to Brian in The Fast & The Furious (2001)

Dom has a heart-to-heart conversation with Brian in the garage where he explains his life principles. He states that driving is all that matters to him. With every quarter mile he covers on the road, he forgets all his problems.

Dom does indeed have plenty of tribulations to deal with. He is short on cash, and that’s why he keeps conducting heists on trucks. Additionally, he has plenty of enemies, chief among them, Johnny Tran. However, all that doesn’t bother him. So long as he is able to step on the gas each day, he is happy. It’s such a philosophy that makes him one of the best movie drivers of all time.

When Agent Bilkins Refuses To Give Brian More Time:
“If You Want Time, Buy The Magazine.”

Bilkins orders Brian to hurry up with the investigation in The Fast & The Furious (2001)

The FBI’s Agent Bilkins soon starts pestering Brian for taking too long to take down the Toretto crew. Brian insists he needs time but Bilkins sarcastically advises him to buy Time Magazine if he needs time.

It’s a cheesy joke but one that still works. Bilkins is right to pester Brian because the sooner the job gets done, the better it will be for everyone. A part of him also suspects that Brian is stalling. Since he has fallen in love with Mia, he is having doubts about participating in the arrest of Dom and his crew.

When Jesse Says Grace:
“Spirit. Thank You. Thank You For Providing Us With Direct-Port Nitrous Injection And Four-Core Intercoolers. Thank You.”

Jesse prays for dinner in Fast and Furious (2001)

As the crew is about to have a meal, Jesse rushes to grab a piece of chicken so Dom asks him to say grace first. Instead of praying for the meal, Jesse thanks ‘Spirit’ for the cool cars they have.

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Prayers shouldn’t qualify as jokes but Jesse’s words have everyone laughing. Throughout the movie, it’s hinted that knowledge only lies in cars and computers. When tasked with doing anything else, he fumbles. He is undoubtedly the first version of Tej. Sadly, he gets killed at the end of the movie.

When Dom Checks Brian’s Fake License:
“Brian Earl Spilner? Sounds Like A Serial Killer Name. Is That What You Are?”

Dom makes fun of Brian's name in The Fast & The Furious (2001)

The first-ever conversation Dom has with Brian happens when he stops a fight between the undercover cop and Vince. Dom checks his license to see who he really is and when he reads his name, he goes on to throw shade at him.

Obviously, Brian’s superiors didn’t give him the best sounding undercover name but it works because Dom dismisses him as nothing but a troublemaker. It isn’t until Brian has gotten way too deep into the crew that everyone discovers he is a law enforcement officer. Luckily, they still come to an understanding.

When Letty Tells Off A Racer Trying To Flirt With Her:
“You Want A Piece Of A**, Go To Hollywood Boulevard. You Want An Adrenaline Rush, That’ll Be Two Large.”

Letty threatens a fellow race in Fast & Furious (2001)

A random racer tries to hit on Letty during the Race Wars event but she shuts him down. She advises him to either look for someone on Hollywood Boulevard if he’s interested in something other than placing a bet with her.

Letty is justified in shutting down the race because he makes it clear that he only wants to sleep with her. Flirting with other men is something she’d never consider either since the only person she has ever cared about is Dom. Her remarks also highlight her confidence in her racing abilities. When the man places a bet, Letty goes on to win easily.

When Brian Checks Out An Expensive Apartment With Sgt. Tanner:
“Even The Cops In Hollywood Are Hollywood.”

Brian is amused at Sgt. Tanner's knowledge about Hollywood in The Fast & The Furious (2001)

As Sgt. Tanner is showing Brian a new apartment, he explains to him that it was built by singer and actor Eddie Fisher in the ’50s for his spouse Elizabeth Taylor. Brian is impressed by how much LA lawmen know about Hollywood.

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Sgt. Tanner’s short monologue about Eddie Fisher is indeed a cool brief history lesson that serves as a welcome break from the constant adrenaline rush of the movie. Since  Sgt. Tanner is an elderly police officer, it isn’t so weird for him to know so much about what happened in his jurisdiction back in the day.

When Edwin Explains What Being A True Racer Really Means:
“It’s Not How You Stand By Your Car, It’s How You Race Your Car.”

Edwin gives Brian some advice in The Fast And The Furious

When Brian decides to participate in the races for the first time Edwin notices how he is just standing by his car. He, therefore, offers him a piece of advice.

Musicians turned actors, Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris, have made their mark in the franchise as Roman and Tej but before them, there was Ja Rule, who played Edwin. The racer is shown to be extremely confident in his abilities, which explains why he feels qualified to offer Brian advice. Interestingly, he ends up losing his own race.

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