Scream/Fast & Furious Crossover Movie Story Pitched By Stars

Scream/Fast & Furious Crossover Movie Story Pitched By Stars

Scream (2022) stars Melissa Barrera and Jack Quaid pitch a story idea for a Scream/Fast & Furious crossover movie. The duo star in the upcoming revival of the iconic horror franchise as Sam Carpenter and Richie Kirsch, a couple who work together at a bowling alley and are in a stable relationship. Other franchise newcomers include Jenna Ortega as Tara, Sam’s teenage sister. This group stars alongside some original Scream cast members returning for the fifth installment, including Neve Campbell, David Arquette, and Courteney Cox.

Fast & Furious is another franchise that came from relatively humble beginnings in 2001 with The Fast and the Furious and has gone on to become a global phenomenon that now spans video games, amusement park rides, and multiple spinoffs. The latest film in the Fast saga was released in theaters this past summer and held the top spot as the highest-grossing Hollywood movie of 2021 before eventually being overtaken by No Time to Die and Spider-Man: No Way Home. Meanwhile, there has been plenty of chatter regarding Fast crossovers with other franchises like Jurassic World.

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In a recent interview with CinePOP promoting Scream, which debuts in theaters this Friday, January 14, Barrera and Quaid were asked which franchise they would like to see Scream crossover with. The duo quickly decided on Fast & Furious with Quaid even pitching a title, “Too Scream Too Furious,” and began imagining the interaction between Vin Diesel and Ghostface. Read what they had to say below:

Barrera: Imagine Ghostface in the Fast and the Furious.
Quaid: Oh my God, yes. Too Scream Too Furious. That’s so bad. That’s a bad title. To see Vin Diesel and Ghostface interact. You have my vote. That’s incredible.

Richie, Sam and Dewey all sitting on a couch in Scream 5

With the Fast saga becoming increasingly over-the-top with each installment, fans started the running joke that the franchise would have to do something utterly ridiculous, like a crossover with Jurassic World, to continue raising the bar. Though the idea actually isn’t all that outlandish when considering both franchises hail from Universal Pictures and stars on both sides have not ruled out the idea when asked about it. Alternatively, Tyrese Gibson suggested the Fast franchise cross over with Transformers.

Although a tantalizing idea, a Scream or Transformers crossover with Fast & Furious are about equally as unlikely to happen since both are Paramount franchises. However, many of these crossovers are merely conjured up as dream scenarios by fans or cast members during interviews. It’s hard to disagree with Quaid though, as Vin Diesel squaring off against Ghostface would certainly be a sight to see.

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Source: CinePOP/YouTube

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