Wild Encanto Theory Perfectly Explains Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious Powers

Wild Encanto Theory Perfectly Explains Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious Powers

A hilariously out-there theory could explain how Vin Diesel’s character from the Fast & Furious franchise gets his powers in the same fashion as Encanto’s Madrigals. Though the movies don’t seem to have much in common, with Encanto even being animated where Fast & Furious is live-action, both embody fantastical events and storylines. The extreme vehicle stunts in the Fast & Furious franchise seem comparable to the Madrigal family’s magic gifts in Encanto, especially with Diesel’s Dom behind the wheel.

Encanto is all about family, specifically the enchanted Madrigals led by Abuela. After a tragedy in which Mirabel’s grandfather dies, Encanto’s magical house, Casita is born, and Alma and Pedro’s three children receive magic powers. This “miracle,” which passes to every member of the family in subsequent generations, forms part of the core of Encanto’s story: that every Madrigal is responsible for using their gift to help the community. But the other critical piece of the story is the theme of family. While their gifts make the Madrigals special, it’s their bond as a family that proves most important, and this is the crucial contribution Mirabel makes to help her family save their house and their miracle.

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According to a theory on Reddit, Vin Diesel’s Fast & Furious character, Dominic Toretto, is part of the Madrigal family, with his special gift being the ability to do impossible vehicular stunts. Though Fast & Furious isn’t supernatural, the reasoning behind this is that Dom, like the Madrigals, greatly values family, and his gift grows as the size of his family, and his crew, expands. This theory helps explain why Dom’s stunts, which seem more realistic in the earlier films, become increasingly ridiculous, and almost magical, later in the franchise.

The Fast Family around a table in Fast & Furious.

The basic mechanics in Encanto of drawing magical power from familial love seems to strongly apply to Dom. When it comes to his crew, his close friends like Brian O’Conner, and his actual family like Letty and his son Brian, Dom is extremely loyal and protective towards the people he loves, much like Mirabel and Abuela in Encanto. And just as every Encanto character has their own gift, Dom can defy physics and logic behind the wheel of any car he drives. Where the theory really holds up is in the connection between these two pieces. In Encanto, the family’s gifts weaken and strengthen depending on the state of their bond, and in a very similar fashion, Dom’s automotive superpowers seem to grow as he adds more people to his crew and his family. Based on these facts, Encanto really does explain Dom’s Fast & Furious superpowers perfectly, bizarre as it is.

The theory becomes a bit murkier when it comes to the logistics of how Dom could actually be a Madrigal, though it could still technically work. Based on when Encanto is set and how old the characters are, Mirabel or one of her sisters or cousins would have to be Dom’s mother, which isn’t impossible given that the Fast & Furious saga hasn’t spent much time on the character yet. There’s also the question of when and whether Dom would have had to visit Casita in order to receive his gift. He does spend time in Brazil and Panama, two of Colombia’s neighbor countries, at times during the franchise, so it’s not out of the question to think he may have paid the family home a visit during his adult life. While some of these pieces could theoretically fall into place, they seem a bit far-fetched, though of course, so is virtually everything that happens in both Encanto and the Fast & Furious franchise. Regardless of how realistic the wild theory is, it’s fun to consider how the Disney film could explain Vin Diesel’s incredible Fast & Furious powers.

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