10 Ways Dom Is The Real Villain Of The Franchise

10 Ways Dom Is The Real Villain Of The Franchise

The Fast and Furious franchise has become one of the biggest movie series in terms of its cobweb of characters. The series is filled with villains becoming heroes and vice versa. However, there has always been one character whose moral compass has rarely been off point, or at least not on the face of it.

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Dom claims to be all about family, but that thin veil couldn’t be any more transparent. Handing out Coronas and burgers at family barbeques might fool his crew, but Dom is actually the villain of the series. Between his treatment of Letty and being completely manipulative, the character is no hero.

He Uses “Family” To Manipulate His Friends Into Doing What He Wants

The Fast Family around a table in Fast & Furious.

The whole crux of the Fast and Furious franchise has become family. Though the fact that family can overcome any obstacle is one of the things Dom was right about, sometimes the word is thrown around so flagrantly that it loses meaning. The word has been said a total of 75 times throughout the nine movies, but there might be some ulterior motive to the use of the word.

Dom uses it in an almost emotionally manipulative way, saying things like, “you never turn your back on family,” when it’s always him who needs his so-called family. And he can’t even care that much about his family, as he was the one who turned his back on his biological brother.

He Treats Letty Terribly In The First Movie

Letty flirts with Dom in Furious (2001)

For all intents and purposes, in The Fast and the Furious, Dom is very much a “bro.” He loves fast cars, his home is almost like a frat house, and he seems to be under the assumption that the “treat ’em mean, keep ’em keen” approach is the best way to treat his girlfriend.

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From the very first moment they’re introduced, Dom is short with Letty for absolutely no reason when she asks him if he’d like a drink. It’s never followed up with a reason and audiences are never told why he keeps treating her like that, meaning that it’s simply because that’s just him.

He Encourages Bullying

Rome plays with Tej's homemade harpoon in Fast & Furious 6

Though they are some of Tej’s funniest quotes, the mechanic often goes way too far when it comes to the banter between him and Roman. It’s borderline bullying, especially when he’s calling him Scooby-Doo, and Rome hasn’t done anything to warrant the humiliation in the slightest.

Though he isn’t exactly the one doing the bullying, Dom absolutely humors it by laughing along with Tej when he’s embarrassing Rome. Given that he’s the elder statesman of the group and is so serious, he should be putting a stop to that kind of thing, and at the very least, he shouldn’t be laughing along.

He Lets Vince Treat His Sister Badly

Vince warns Dom about Brian in The Fast & The FUrious

There seems to be a nasty misogynistic streak that runs through Dom’s family, or at least there is in the first movie. Not only does Dom act terribly towards Letty in the 2001 movie, but Vince treats Mia badly too.

The character genuinely thinks she should stay in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, and that’s exactly why Vince is one of the most hated characters in the series. And with Dom being Mia’s big brother, anybody would think he’d give Vince the beating of a lifetime since he has beaten other people for doing a lot less. But instead, being his best friend, Dom just lets it happen.

He Is Selfish And Willing To Put His Friends In Danger

Dom points a shotgun in F9

All of the drama that happens in the Fast and Furious movies, at least in the last few, has revolved around Dom. The Fate of the Furious is all about how Cipher coerces Dom into helping her by holding his son hostage, and F9 is about his long-lost brother wreaking havoc.

Not only that, but many of his stunts are so instinctual that he doesn’t stop to think about how he’s putting his friends in danger. Though, having said that, in F9, he was the one who was wanting to sit the drama out. However, when he eventually got involved, he was back to his old habits and forced his friends to do things they didn’t necessarily want to do.

He Forced Tej And Roman To Go On A Suicide Mission

Fast and Furious 9 Tej and Roman in space car

The worst example of Dom forcing his friends into doing things they don’t want to do comes at the end of F9. He flat out tells Rome that he has to go to space, and he doesn’t give him a choice. The worst thing about it is that it was essentially a suicide mission, and Dom must have known that.

Rome and Tej did land back on Earth, albeit miraculously, but the intention was still there. There’s no reason why Dom couldn’t have gone instead of Rome or Tej. Not only is it another example of how all of Dom’s friendships are completely one-sided, but it also shows how Rome is the most heroic character in F9, not Dom.

He’s So Quick To Resort To Violence

Dominic Toretto about to shoot Shaw in The Fate of the Furious

From the very early days when he was just a teenager, Dom smashed in a man’s face with a wrench, and he’s been just as violent ever since. The character isn’t safe to be around and is more unhinged than anybody else.

Dom threatened to throw a man out of a four-story building in Fast & Furious if he didn’t get the information he needed, and in the same film, he beat Brian to a pulp without even knowing the full story. The same thing happened in F9, as, if only he put down his fists for just a moment and listened to his brother, their feud would have concluded a lot earlier.

He’s A Cold-Blooded Murderer

Vin Diesel Dom in Fast and Furious

Not only does he resort to violence in an instant, but Dom often takes it too far. In what is the most overt way of showing just how much of a villain he really is, there have been so many occasions when Dom has straight-up murdered someone. It isn’t always in an avenging-Letty’s-death kind of way either.

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Dom has control of so many lives when he’s taking on all these giant operations handed to him by Mr. Nobody, and he has a very “shoot to kill” approach to the action. Nobody in the series has been more cavalier about taking a person’s life than Dom.

He Destroys Whole Cities

Dom and Brian dragging large metal vault with their cars in Fast Five

Granted, every member of the crew is guilty of this, especially Ramsey, who unapologetically destroyed millions of dollars worth of personal property and small businesses in Edingburgh in F9. But the sheer amount of damage to public and private property started in Fast Five.

Though it was one of Dom’s best plans, stealing a vault led to the destruction of what seemed like the entirety of Rio. Furious 7 saw him ruin three skyscrapers in Dubai, and he caused a ton of damage to New York in Fate of the Furious.

Intentionally Keeps The Truth Hidden From His Friends

Dom and Jakob have a heated argument in F9

Though he calls them family, Dom still keeps a lot of secrets from his crew and best friends. It’s amazing that it took 20 years for Dom to tell anybody about his brother, and that was only when people had found out about them.

The crew definitely deserved to know about Jakob, as he was a potential threat to all of them, but Dom put their lives in danger by keeping the secret. The same thing happened in The Fate of the Furious, as it was his secrets that put the whole crew in danger in the first place.

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