5 Fast & Furious Characters Who Would Make Great Roommates (& 5 That Would Be The Worst)

5 Fast & Furious Characters Who Would Make Great Roommates (& 5 That Would Be The Worst)

A roommate is more than somebody people live and share chores with; they’re somebody whom people can confide in, trust around their belongings, and spend quality time with. And that’s what makes the Fast & Furious crew a group of fascinating candidates for roommates.

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The gang already spend most of their time together, and for all fans know, they could very well be living together in Dom’s suburban house. Between being taught Spanish by Tej and borrowing Han’s Mazda RX-7, some would be a dream to live with. However, not all of them have the traits of what makes a great roommate, as a couple of them would quickly get annoying — and some couldn’t even be trusted.

Great: Roman “Rome” Pearce

Rome laughs at his opponent before a race in 2 Fast 2 Furious

Surprisingly enough, Rome ended up being the most heroic character in F9, as he was willing to sacrifice his life for the greater good. But that isn’t why he’d make a great roommate. When it comes to his involvement in the crew’s adventures, Rome is almost unwilling to be a part of it, only to be dragged along against his will.
To be Rome’s roommate is to lead a simple life, and though it wouldn’t be full of adventures, it’d be calm and there’d be good company. Rome is always full of jokes and he’s always trying to entertain people, so his roommate would never be bored.

Worst: Letty Ortiz

Letty standing on the hood of a moving car in Fast & Furious

It isn’t so much that the roommate wouldn’t want to live with Letty, but Letty wouldn’t want to live with whoever her roommate was. Letty is so stubborn that she wouldn’t be able to compromise in any sort of living situation.
The character might be tough, but that toughness often gets in the way of her enjoying her life, such as when she couldn’t resist jumping on her bike to help the crew at the beginning of F9. That kind of attitude wouldn’t translate well when it comes to being a roommate either.

Great: Tej Parker

Tej Parker referees a race in 2 Fast 2 Furious

There have been times when Tej was the smartest in Fast and Furious, such as when he hacked into Reyes’ safe and came up with the idea for a Nos-fuelled harpoon. But more than anything, he had the idea to live a quiet life even before Brian, as he wanted to settle down and run a garage after Fast Five.
Not much sounds better than working on cars with Tej, and his roommate could even get language lessons from him, as Tej is bilingual, being fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. And even better than chilling in Miami, living in cabins, and betting on jet ski races together sounds like a great time with a roommate.

Worst: Luke Hobbs

Hobbs Fires The Gatling Gun in Furious 7

One of the most common arguments between real-life roommates is about the bathroom, and the state in which one of the roommates leaves it. That would be a major sticking point if living with Hobbs. The character’s roommate would have to make sure they get there first in the morning, otherwise they’d be walking into a steamy bathroom covered in baby oil.
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The same could be said for the kitchen too, as Hobbs’ cheat days probably aren’t too different from the Rock’s, which is made up of thousands of calories worth of peanut butter and syrup-covered waffles (as reported by Food Network). The federal law enforcement agent might be great at his job, but he’d be a mess to live with.

Great: Mia Toretto

Mia on a date with Brian in The Fast and the Furious

It almost seems as if the Fast & Furious characters are split into two camps, as half of them are always prepared for the most outrageous situations, and the other half want nothing to do with it. Mia fits into the latter, as she has been off the grid for most of the movies, and she never approved of Dom’s criminal activity in The Fast and the Furious.
It seems like Mia will be involved in the action change in a major way in the future. She was a big part of F9 and there are rumors of an all-female spin-off. However, Mia would be the most lowkey roommate out of anyone in the Fast and Furious crew.

Worst: Brian O’Conner

Brian and Dom exit Brian’s green Honda in The Fast and the Furious

There are two sides to Brian, as, on the one side, he’s easy-going and doesn’t take things half as seriously as Dom. But on the other, there’s the pressure of being an undercover cop and the stress and nausea that comes with it.
As anybody who has seen Donnie Brasco and The Departed knows, being an undercover cop brings a lot of baggage into the home. And though the Fast & Furious series obviously doesn’t approach those themes, there are clear signs of it in the first movie. Living with Brian might sound fun, as he’s a car fanatic and an adrenaline junkie, but in reality, he’d be a burden.

Great: Sean Boswell

Sean sits behind the wheel in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Ever since his introduction in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Sean has always been a pleasure seeker, and though that’s exactly what kept getting him into trouble, it can work out in small doses. And as Sean is now essentially a rocket scientist, who knows what other inventions he has created that his roommates have access to.
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More than anything, Sean moves from country to country, as he moved from Tucson, Arizona to Tokyo, and then to Germany where he worked on the rocket, Pontiac Fiero. That means that the shared home could be anything from a traditional Japanese apato to a farmhouse in Cologne, and either is more exciting than Dom’s suburban family home.

Worst: Ramsey

Ramsey sits at a computer in Furious 7

Ramsey had more screentime in F9, which was great because she is a fun character, but it also meant that a lot was revealed about her. Firstly, one of the appeals of living with Fast & Furious characters would be the access to Japanese imports and supercars, but as Ramsey can’t drive, it means there’d be no Nissan Skylines or Mazda RX-7s to whizz around in.
Not only that, but when she was blasting through Edingburgh in the truck, it showed how callous she was about other people’s belongings. But above all else, it turns out that she’s really mean-spirited, as she (along with Tej) bullied Rome for his beliefs throughout the whole movie.

Great: Han Seoul-Oh

Han eats chips in Tokyo Drift

How could anybody not want to live with Han? The character, who was introduced in Tokyo Drift, oozes cool, as he spends his nightlife in neon-lit Japanese parking lots watching street races. The character is so inviting and quick to trust people, as he let Sean race his car without even knowing him, so there’d be no end to cars at his roommate’s disposal.
Best of all, as Han had the most tragic death in the series, only to come back to life, his roommate may be able to squeeze the truth out of him. And as a bonus, the kitchen would be filled with endless amounts of chips.

Worst: Dom Toretto

Dom and Brian meet for the first time in Fast & Furious

In many ways, Dom could be looked at as the real villain of the series, as he forced Rome and Tej to literally go on a suicide mission. That’s just one example, as the character has always muscled others into doing things they don’t want to do, and nobody wants to live with somebody like that.
Everybody knows that awkward moment when people have to ask “What?” when they mishear somebody more than twice, and that would be exactly what’d happen every day living with Dom. Dom mumbles so much that it’s impossible to catch everything he says. And it’s hardly worth being a part of his family, even if the fridge is always stocked with Corona.
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