Vin Diesel Celebrates Paul Walker’s Birthday In Emotional Post

Vin Diesel Celebrates Paul Walker’s Birthday In Emotional Post

Vin Diesel honors his late Fast & Furious co-star Paul Walker in an emotional birthday post. The Fast & Furious franchise began with Diesel and Walker squaring off in the 2001 original before becoming the best of friends. Walker’s Brian O’Conner was a pivotal part of the series, appearing in almost every movie from the first through the seventh. He was in the middle of filming Furious 7 in 2013 when he died in a tragic car accident; the movie was reshaped to honor Walker by giving Brian a happy ending with Mia (Jordana Brewster).

Since then, the Fast & Furious franchise has been sure to always keep Walker and Brian in mind. As the character is still alive within the universe, he’s been referenced a handful of times, including in this year’s F9. At the end of the film, a blue car pulls up to a barbecue held by Dom (Diesel). Though the driver is never revealed, it’s strongly hinted that it’s Brian, ready to join his family for the celebration. Walker’s death came as a shock to many, yet he hasn’t been forgotten in the slightest by those who loved him.

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Walker’s birthday was September 12, yet Diesel still made sure to honor him on social media. Diesel shared a picture of him and Walker from Furious 7 and wrote, “So much to tell you…” Diesel’s sweet message continued with “normally I would say you wouldn’t believe how I spent your birthday… but by the safe outcome, I know you were there with me in spirit.” He concluded with words that surely everyone is feeling: “Miss you. Always.” You can see the full post below.

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It’s been eight years since Walker’s passing, but his loss is still felt today. He was known for more than the Fast & Furious movies, having appeared in projects like Varsity Blues and She’s All That. However, it’s with Fast & Furious that his legacy can continue to live on in brilliant fashion. With the franchise expected to wrap up with Fast & Furious 10 and 11, there’s a question of whether the final two movies will find a way to bring Brian back. Director Justin Lin has said it’s a definite possibility, so audiences might not have seen the last of Brian O’Conner.

Walker could perhaps be rendered with CGI, similar to how he was for his last scene in Furious 7. Reactions to that solution might be a bit mixed, but no one can deny it wouldn’t be a tribute to him. Another solution to having Walker get involved with Fast & Furious 10 and 11 would be casting his daughter Meadow, something Diesel himself supported. Right now, little is known about the final Fast & Furious movies, but fans can at least count on one thing: Walker’s presence will definitely be felt.

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