Chuck Norris: I know how Bruce Lee really d ied

Chuck Norris: I know how Bruce Lee really d ied


Let me explain something about his death too, because there’s I guess so many, you know, rumors that are going about how he passed away. And so forth of a touch of death and drugs, and so forth. So, I’d like to clarify that before we go on with the demonstration.

Bruce in 1968, well you know, he’s pretty heavy in the weightlifting. As you could tell, he was very well-built. He was lifting weights one night with Kareem Jabar, who was a student of his when he was in Los Angeles, playing at UCLA. And he tried to lift too many, too heavy weights and he ruptured the discs in his back.

He was laid up in the hospital for 3 weeks. In fact, the doctor said that they didn’t know if he’d be able to walk again or not. But of course, with a person like Bruce who’s got the drive and determination to achieve anything in life, he was up in about a month.

And within three months, he was as strong as he never was. But he had constant back pains from that day on, and he had to take medication to keep the muscles in the back loose and relaxed.

So, what happened is that, when he was in Hong Kong preparing for his next movie, he was working with a girl named Betty, who was going to co-star with him. He got a severe headache, so Betty gave him some antibiotics for the headache.

The medication he was taking for his back and the medication he had taken for his headache, reacted with each other and made his brain swell up and creating an aneurysm. And that’s actually what happened, so if anyone asked you what happened, you can tell them the true story.


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