The Expendables: Entire Main Cast Net Worth

The Expendables: Entire Main Cast Net Worth

11. David Zayas ($4 Million)
David Zayas had a minor role in the film as General Garza, he is often recognized for his role as Angel Batista in the 2006 show Dexter. Zayas earned his net worth as an actor by acting in various films and television. Before Dexter, he had the role of Enrique Morale in OZ (2000-03). On Gotham, he played Sal Maroni in eight episodes from 2014 to 2015.

10. Giselle Itié ($5 Million)

Sandra was an informant for Barney and Christmas (Statham) when they arrived in Vilhena. Ichie has appeared in shows Kubanacan (2003), Pé na Jaca (2006), O Profeta (2007), Bela, a Feia (2009) and Belaventura (2017). She is revealed to be General Garza’s daughter. Barney falls in love with her. Gisele Itier is a Mexican-Brazilian actress who made her living by acting in Brazilian films and television.

9. Eric Roberts ($8 Million)
In The Expendables, which uses General Garza as a pawn for his grand plan, James Munro was played by actor Eric Roberts. Roberts has been an actor for over 40 years with an extensive list of credits. In the late 70s and early 80s, he gained recognition for his roles in The Gypsy King (1978) and The Rag Man (1981).

8. Mickey Rourke ($15 Million)
Mickey Rourke was a minor role that was only seen in two or three scenes in the film. He is also a friend of Barney and a recruiter for the Expendables. He is also good with a knife. Rourke made his money as an actor, screenwriter, and former boxer. Rourke retired from boxing in 1994 and devoted himself to acting. Before retiring from boxing, Rourke had already appeared in various films including Angel Heart (1987) Barfly (1987), and the Marlboro Man (1991). In 2005, he returned to the Hollywood mainstream with Sin City and starred in The Wrestler (2008).

7. Dolph Lundgren ($15 Million)
Dolph Lundgren also has a degree in chemical engineering and is a trained martial artist. Among his films are The Punisher (1989) “The Gunslinger” (1995) “Red Skoprian” (1988). He also directed the films Missionary (2007) and Team Performance (2009). He reprized his role as Ivan in Creed II (2018).

6. Randy Couture ($17 Million)
Actor Randy Couture played Toll Road in The Expendables. Couture is an actor, former army sergeant, professional mixed martial artist and UFC champion. He made most of his fortune from acting and professional fighting. Couture is a three-time UFC heavyweight champion, two-time light heavyweight champion, and interim light heavyweight champion. He was the first of seven fighters to hold two championship belts in different weight classes.

5. Terry Crews ($20 Million)
Terry Crews played “The Expendables” Hale Caesar. Caesar is the heavy weapons specialist on the team. Crews earned his net worth as an actor, comedian, artist and former professional football player. Crews hosted the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire from 2014 to 2015. Crews played Julius Rock from 2005 to 2008 on the sitcom Everybody Hates Chris by actor and comedian Chris Rock. He also played the role of Nick Kingston-Person on Are We There Yet? (2010-12). He then moved on to host America’s Got Talent in 2019.

4. Stone Cold Steve Austin ($45 Million)
Autin played Dan Payne’s henchman in The Expendables. Austin was one of the greatest WWE wrestlers in his day and is still considered one of the greats. He became the attitude-era poster boy as an anti-hero who defied authority, did what he liked, and went against boss Vince McMahon. In total, he has 19 championship belts. Now he is an actor, producer and TV presenter. He starred in The Longest Yard (2005) and Grown Ups 2 (2013).

3. Jason Statham ($70 Million)
Jason Statham is a famous Hollywood action star. Possesses skills in hand-to-hand combat and close combat with knives. Statham is known for his role as Frank Martin in the film trilogy “The Transporter” (2002) “Parker” (2013) Safe (2012) and Mechanic (2016). He also played roles in the action films The Italian Job (2003), The Bank Job (2008), The Meg (2018). Statham also played Fast & Furious franchise films.

2. Jet Li ($200 Million)
Jet Li, martial artist and actor, played Yin Yang in The Expendables films. Jet Li is known as one of the top martial arts and action movie stars in Hollywood. Lee has appeared in many Hong Kong martial arts films. He had roles in the films Dragonfight (1989), Once Upon a Time in China (1991), Hitman (1998). His American films include Lethal Weapon 4 (1998), Cradle 2 Grave (2003), Fearless (2006) and Fordbidden Kingdom (2008).

1. Sylvester Stallone ($400 Million)
Sylvester Stallone is a famous Hollywood actor, director, screenwriter and producer. Leader and founder of the Expendables. He specializes in marksmanship and is the fastest shooter. He was widely known for his breakout role as Rocky Balboa in the Rocky film series (1979–2018). Stallone also played the iconic role of John Rambo in the Rambo films (1982-2019). Stallone played John Spartan in The Destroyer (1993), Judge Dredd in Judge Dredd (1995), Bullet in the Head (2012) and made a cameo appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017). He directed four films about Rocky: Rambo and The Expendables.


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