‘I Will Slap Your Lips Off’: Dwayne Johnson Once Hit Back At Giannis Antetokounmpo After He Said He’d ‘Kill Him’ In Wrestling

‘I Will Slap Your Lips Off’: Dwayne Johnson Once Hit Back At Giannis Antetokounmpo After He Said He’d ‘Kill Him’ In Wrestling

Ever since he made it to the league, Giannis Antetokounmpo has worked relentlessly to become one of the best players on Earth.

His athletic traits made him an intriguing prospect, but he’s bulked up every year, up to the point where he’s now one of the most dominant and physically imposing forces on both ends of the floor.

Bucks Love The Gym
Giannis and his Milwaukee Bucks teammates love to hit the gym after every game. Moreover, they’re also big wrestling fans and are often spotted ‘fighting’ in the tunnel before a game.

So, it wasn’t shocking to see Giannis and Pat Connaughton take a friendly shot at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, stating that they could lift more than him:

“Haha just seeing this. My boys here are stroooong!! Good to see you’re bringing my Iron Paradise to the NBA. It’s why you’re #1 in the East. @Giannis_An34 might be bionic,” Johnson tweeted.

Giannis Talks Trash, The Rock Claps Back
Giannis decided to take things up a notch in an interview, going as far as to say that he’d ‘kill’ The Rock in a fight. Needless to say, the beloved Hollywood actor had to fire back:

“I’d kill him’. Love this dude. It’s why he’s anNBA beast & the Bucks are #1 in the E. But you don’t want this smoke, cuz I will slap your lips off into next week, son. And by that I mean, let’s just get a workout in and enjoy some tequila after,” Johnson replied.

Dwayne Is In The Best Shape Ever
There has never been a time when anybody could take a look at The Rock and think “hey, I could definitely beat this guy up!”

But the timing couldn’t be worse for Giannis’ trash-talking, as Dwayne claims he had to get in the best shape of his career for the Black Adam role:

“This was it for me,” Johnson said. “This is the most important role of my entire career that I’ve been so lucky and blessed so I wanted to be in the best shape of my life. I felt like ‘Black Adam’ commanded that. I changed my diet around, my training. The challenge is when you peak your body to a certain point, the challenge is then maintaining it for the next four months, which was hard. It was a lot of stress on the joints but I think it was well worth it and that’s what you see – that passion and that work ethic on screen.”

Giannis Is No Pushover
Still, Giannis could certainly hold his own in the ring against nearly everybody. He’s an athletic freak who could land more than a couple of punches, and he’s certainly acrobatic enough to pull off a couple of stunts.

So, maybe when his NBA career is over, he’ll join the likes of Dennis Rodman and Karl Malone and pursue a career in the WWE as well.


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