Why Terminator Star and Hollywood Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger is Charging $150K For Working Out With Him at California’s Famous Gold’s Gym

Why Terminator Star and Hollywood Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger is Charging $150K For Working Out With Him at California’s Famous Gold’s Gym

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been famous throughout his run as an actor, producer, and most importantly, as a former body-builder. Many would want to learn just how the multitalented politician keeps himself in shape and much to our surprise, some people were more curious than others.

The Total Recall actor has probably become the world’s most expensive personal gym trainer, charging a whopping $150,000 for his session. In Venice Beach, California, the actor is a trainer with his favorite Gold’s Gym, and on 9th October 2022, he worked with two different crews who also paid him the amount.

Although the amount may look far-fetched and too much for a trainer, even if it’s Arnold Schwarzenegger himself, the money did not go to him. The entire amount went to charity. He has been a philanthropist for over 30 years now with his charity and his newest endeavor has led the former body-builder to up his prices to help children in need.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Helps The Charity
In a bidding war for a charity auction to build a school in Uvalde, Texas; Arnold Schwarzenegger was bid out as the personal trainer of Morris Flancbaum from Florida. Flancbaum won the bid by donating the amount of $150,000 along with another family who too had bid the same amount.

The auction was organized by the After-School All-Stars charity, one founded by the politician himself around 20 years ago.

Children can participate in after-school programs and physical activity activities thanks to the charity After-School All-Stars. About 100,000 kids in 60 regions throughout the nation are currently receiving assistance from the charity.

About $5.2 million was donated at the event by people who were passionate about assisting at-risk youngsters; $1.75 million of that total came from the auction alone. Arnold also put his clothes, humidors, and even a ride in his military tank up for auction.

More About The Fundraizer Organized By Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Charity
The entry ticket of the Fundraizer coster $50,000 just to make it into the event. Amongst the people who attended, Danny DeVito, Sylvester Stallone, and Dolph Lundgren were there as well. Schwarzenegger’s latest movie Fubar’s cast also attended to support the actor.

The latest accomplishment of After-School All-Stars is that they managed to open a new school in Uvalde, Texas; which had been ready only 45 days after the city had put in the request.

“We raised over 5 million dollars last night for @afterschoolallstars. Thank you to all of our donors. I started this program with a vision of keeping kids safe and growing between 3-6pm, but we couldn’t serve 100k kids in 60 cities without you.”

The Terminator star had stated in his Instagram caption about the victorious event and how grateful he was to the people involved as well as those who had donated their money to help kids throughout the cities.

The actor’s newest adventure would be taking place in Netflix’s Fubar an upcoming spy thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, making it his first role in a series. The show itself is set to release somewhere around mid-2023.


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