‘Tulsa King’s Sylvester Stallone Reveals Chances of a ‘Yellowstone’ Crossover with Perfect Answer

‘Tulsa King’s Sylvester Stallone Reveals Chances of a ‘Yellowstone’ Crossover with Perfect Answer

When you’re in the Taylor Sheridan Universe, anything’s possible, right? We had to ask Tulsa King‘s Sylvester Stallone the chances of a Yellowstone crossover in kind. And his answer is golden.

Expendables who? These days, when it comes to the ultimate action showdown starring Sylvester Stallone, there’s only one option: Dutton vs Manfredi.

If you haven’t watched Tulsa King yet, do. The Paramount+ original comedy from Sheridan, Stallone, and The Sopranos‘ Terrence Winter is as good as its premise, in which an old-school NYC mobster (Stallone’s Dwight ‘The General’ Manfredi) is forced to set up shop in middle-of-nowhere Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ample laughs, shocks, and character work follow in a setting not-too distant from Yellowstone.

It’s another promising start for that show’s co-creator, Sheridan, who’s gone on to craft an empire around his juggernaut of a Neo-Western. And it’s a home-run for Sylvester Stallone, too, as Tulsa King marks his first-ever mafia caper after decades of “being locked out of the genre,” as he’d tell me; something that still shocks me considering how perfect the icon is for such a role.

Yet it all begs the question: are all these shows connected? Yellowstone‘s prequels 1883 and 1923 are obvious yesses. But what about Sheridan’s similarly-flavored, parallel shows like Mayor of Kingstown, Tulsa King, and others to come (Lioness and Land Man, to name a few)?

So I asked the man himself (no, not Sheridan. Mr. Stallone): Is there a chance of a Yellowstone crossover with how well these two worlds fit together? And his immediate answer was as perfectly mafia-esque as possible.

‘You mean I go over there, kill John Dutton? No problem! Maybe take over the ranch?’
“You mean I go over there, kill John Dutton? No problem! Maybe take over the ranch?” Sylvester Stallone offered with a hearty laugh ahead of Tulsa King‘s premiere, before diving into the shows’ similarities.

“I think we’re getting close to it. Around the later episodes, I do get into the cowboy aspect of it with some of these real tough guys,” Mr. Stallone continues. “And I think it’s going to continue that way when I start to get involved with the oil-baron types.”

Oil-baron types, you say? “These are the real tough guys. They don’t mess around,” the Rocky star adds. Interesting, considering that’s the whole premise of another Sheridan show set to star Billy Bob Thornton, Land Man.

As for Kevin Costner‘s #1 television show, “We are kinda blending the two together. But will I actually be staying in John Dutton’s guest house? I doubt it,” Mr. Stallone laughs.

It’s a shame, because a Dutton vs Manfredi showdown would be one for the ages. For now, I’ll settle for the great pace Tulsa King has set with the first two episodes. Catch the Stallone series each Sunday as new episodes stream exclusively on Paramount+.

For a whole lot more from Sylvester Stallone on Tulsa King, be sure to check out his full interview over on Outsider’s YouTube:


Sylvester Stallone sat down to talk his new show Tulsa King from creator Taylor Sheridan. He discusses working with the Yellowstone creator and the potential of a Yellowstone crossover.

Source: Outsider.com


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