Following The Star’s Remarks About Him, Dwayne Johnson, Aka “The Rock,” Reveals That He Was On His Way To Enter The WWE Ring To Face John Cena

Following The Star’s Remarks About Him, Dwayne Johnson, Aka “The Rock,” Reveals That He Was On His Way To Enter The WWE Ring To Face John Cena

One of the most epic battles in the WWE industry had Dwayne Johnson and John Cena
Watching fighting battles inside the WWE ring was one of our favourite childhood pastimes. However, one of the most iconic fights and unforgettable rivalries have to be between Dwayne Johnson ‘The Rock’ and John Cena. Later, both of them left the ring space and wanted to make it big in Hollywood.

Years ago, John Cena and Dwayne Johnson had come at loggerheads and now Dwayne revealed what had made him hate John so much that they went inside the ring to battle it out. However, on the work front, Dwayne is currently basking in the success and glory of his film Black Adam.As reported in Fandomwire, in an interview, when asked whether he and John Cena had a real or fake fight, Dwayne Johnson confirmed that it was real as they had real issues beforehand which led them to battle inside the WWE ring.

In another interview with Watch What Happens Live! With Andy Cohen, Dwayne Johnson was asked whether he would like to work with John Cena in the future or if they will be rivals forever, to which the Black Adam star responded that he would look forward to working with John Cena. He also revealed what had actually happened. He revealed that he was on his way to make an appearance at the WWE ring once again when he heard about what John had to say about him.

Dwayne shared that he didn’t like the way he put it. And well, that small hatred would turn into one of the most iconic battles in WWE‘s history nobody knew. On the night of WrestleMania 28, Dwayne had acquired victory over John and proved who the real Bhrama Bull is!

For those who don’t know, in an interview with The Sun in 2008, John Cena had talked about Dwayne Johnson and said, “He’s a very good actor, he’s very successful, he’s done very well for himself and associating with sports entertainment doesn’t do much for his acting career. It only helps out the sports entertainment audience so I get why he doesn’t come back. Just don’t f*** me around and tell me that you love this when you are just doing this to do something else.”

“That’s the only thing that gets me really pissed off. Being on the other side I learned how much of their hard-earned dollars are spent on our product. And to have that much admiration still, when he hasn’t been around, hasn’t been on TV, you gotta respect that from our fanbase and he just doesn’t give anything back, man. I wish he’d just show up, just say “Hi” and leave, it’s all he’s gotta do,” Cena added.

Well, if reports are to be believed then everything is nice between John and Dwayne. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know!


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