The Biggest Female Mass Monster in the World | Andrea Shaw | Gym Devoted

The Biggest Female Mass Monster in the World | Andrea Shaw | Gym Devoted


Strong women are hard to find, but there is no denying

that the work that these talented women do is unique.

Bodybuilding for women shows great confidence in the face of scorn and adversity.

Andrea Shaw is an American professional bodybuilding champion and physique and figure competitor. She holds two Ms. Olympia title wins and two Ms Rising Phoenix title wins.

Andrea grew up in Detroit, Michigan. As a girl growing up, she was into gymnastics and competitive cheerleading. At Benjamin Nolan Middle School, in eighth-grade aerobics class, her teacher taught her to make her own structures within the middle school which didn’t offer adequate equipment or much organized sports.

After middle school, she was burnt out from gymnastics and cheerleading, so she got into academics in high school. After gaining some extra weight, her mother, a nurse and former personal trainer, encouraged her athletic ambitions by getting her to start working out at the Powerhouse Gym in Centerline, Michigan.

After the age of 15, she began attending the gym on her own. Her mother’s training partner was a female bodybuilder and began giving her advice on muscle building exercises when she was 17 years old. She said she had no desire to be a bodybuilder back then, instead wanting to be a fashion model, but was not tall enough.


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