“Nobody else on Earth had a chance”: Robert Downey Jr Feels He Was Too Good to Lose the Iron Man Role to Tom Cruise or Nicolas Cage

“Nobody else on Earth had a chance”: Robert Downey Jr Feels He Was Too Good to Lose the Iron Man Role to Tom Cruise or Nicolas Cage

Robert Downey Jr. has been the most perfect choice by Marvel Studios to portray the role of Iron Man in the MCU. While reminiscing about the past, the Sherlock Holmes actor recalled how he was too good to lose the role of Iron Man!

With Nicolas Cage and Tom Cruise in the battle, Robert Downey Jr. reveals that he had no problem in getting the role of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Robert Downey Jr’s Casting Was Perfect By Marvel

In a YouTube video, Robert Downey Jr. along with Scarlett Johanson, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, and, Samuel L. Jackson sit on the interview couch. The cast was interviewed by American Radio personality Howard Stern and the Dolittle actor had to recall the casting process of Marvel Studios.

“There is a bit of destiny involved. I haven’t done it really since [talking about changing his attitude] but for this one instance, I had to psyche myself into that there was nobody else on Earth had a chance. I was too prepared, I was too confident.”

The Tropic Thunder actor went on to talk about confidence and how it played a major role in helping him reach where he currently stands today in the world.

“That’s the funny thing about confidence too is the incorrect amount of it and nothing will happen. Staying in a pocket with it for a while only lasts so long and you have to transcend that. I was just thinking ‘this is me’ and ‘I am in this situation’.

Howard Stern went on to state that Robert Downey Jr. was not doing an impression of like a super successful guy but Downey Jr. imagining himself as a super success.

How Tom Cruise and Nicolas Cage Almost Took Iron Man

Before there was any MCU, during the late 1990s, Nicolas Cage was all set to portray the role of Iron Man. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, the actor had to drop out and the project was canceled. Before Robert Downey Jr. was considered and finalized for the role, Tom Cruise was also in a battle to portray the character.

Although Tom Cruise did not get a chance, the actor is rumored to portray the character once again in upcoming MCU projects. Allegedly portraying another version of Tony Stark, Tom Cruise may be seen donning the suit of Iron Man in upcoming MCU projects. Nothing has been confirmed or denied as of now, but it would truly be difficult to imagine any other actor in the role of Tony Stark.

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