‘That’s a very low budget venture’: Robert Downey Jr. Wanted To Do a Movie With Johnny Depp Even if it Meant Lowering His Rates – ‘My dry cleaning budget is most movie budgets’

‘That’s a very low budget venture’: Robert Downey Jr. Wanted To Do a Movie With Johnny Depp Even if it Meant Lowering His Rates – ‘My dry cleaning budget is most movie budgets’

Robert Downey Jr.’s net worth flies up to somewhere about $350 million today, and yet, there was a time when the MCU star was willing to do a film even if it meant earning drastically less, so long as he got to work beside Johnny Depp on screen.

The two award-winning actors share a lovely friendship which dates back to decades, when both of them started their Hollywood journey nearly around the same time. Although fans are yet to be bestowed with a movie wherein the two legendary figures share the screen, The Avengers star “admired” Johnny Depp so much, that he would’ve done anything to be able to work with him.

Robert Downey Jr. Wanted to Do A Film With Johnny Depp
Renowned for playing the titular character of Marvel’s billionaire superhero, Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. has starred in a number of films that have been a commercial success. And he’s the kind of actor who knows his worth well and makes it a point to never settle for less due to the same. But if he got to work with his long-time off screen friend and fellow Hollywood star, Johnny Depp, then Downey Jr. would definitely be willing to give up money for that project.

The Sherlock Holmes star was once asked about doing a film with Depp considering how the two “have been friends for a long time,” when the former said he’d be more than happy to work with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor if he ever got the chance to, regardless of how much he would get paid for it.

“That is a very low-budget venture. My dry-cleaning budget is most film budgets at this point.”

Downey Jr. even remarked how there wasn’t any other celebrity that he “admired more than Mr. Depp.” When asked if he had anything in mind for a potential project someday, the former responded with “Butch and Sundance,” before he realised how that story had already been told.

“I know they did that. I don’t know, I’ll have to write it when I retire.”

Even after such a lengthy period of being such good friends, the duo hasn’t been able to unite for a movie yet. But who knows, maybe one fine day in the future, the audience would be gifted with that spectacle too.

Robert Downey Jr. And Johnny Depp Are Great Friends

While the Avengers: Endgame actor holds Depp in such high regards, the latter’s view about his friend is no less either. In fact, the Dark Shadows star’s son is a huge fan of Downey Jr.’s Iron Man, even more so than Depp’s notorious pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Depp, 59, even had a nickname for Downey Jr., and referred to him as “Bob” instead of calling him by his real name. You know the friendship is real when they don’t address the other by their real name. In one of his old interviews, The Lone Ranger actor talked about his equation with Downey Jr. and how he returned the same admiration for him that the latter seemed to share.

“We sort of came up the ranks together, you know, in a weird way, back in the ’80s and stuff. And he’s someone I’ve always admired and we’ve had a good relationship.”

While the Iron Man star was fully supportive of his friend during the defamation trial that was carried out against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, earlier this year, Depp too was said to be by Downey Jr.’s side while he was battling with addiction in rehab.

The friendship the two seem to share is clearly a rare, and a genuine one at that.

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