Muaythai: WBC Amazing MasterClass in Canada

Do you practice muaythai? Do you live in Calgary? You have a great opportunity! A truly sensational lineup for the WBC Amazing Muaythai MasterClass in Canada

  • Saenchai – Suphachai “Saenchai” Saepong
  • Yodsanklai – Yodsanklai IWE Fairtex
  • Duangdawnoi – Kanyarat Yoohanngoh

As part of the Thai Government’s Soft Power Initiative to promote MuayThai Sport and Culture around the world in collaboration with the Sports Authority of Thailand, Royal Thai Embassy Canada, Tourism Authority of Thailand, and the WBC MuayThai. 

A full day of technical seminars, Thai food, Muay Boran shows, MuayThai quizzes with giveaways, Muay talks and more. 

📍 Grey Eagle Resort, Calgary 

🗓️ September 21

Muaythai Seminar - Calgary Canada 2024
Muaythai Seminar – Calgary Canada 2024

Pra Jiad are the armbands worn on the bicep of Nak Muay (fighters) during bouts. The armbands can have colors related to the fighter Kru (Trainer), gym, or will have some meaning to themselves.

More from WBC Muaythai:

MuayThai ring officials committee:

The WBC MuayThai ring officials committee is developing a system of work to enhance the level of education and expertise for WBC MuayThai affiliated ring officials around the world. 

This will include annual ring officials  membership, monthly training via digital platforms, plus in person training for theory and practical practice, and 3 levels of ring officials certification. 

More information coming the weeks ahead. 


Pra Jiad Ranking System

Did You know?
Some western gyms, not in Thailand, use the Pra Jiad as a ranking system to show aptitude in Muay Thai. This practice is similar to belt systems found in Karate, Jiu Jitsu, or Judo. However, this practice is not traditional to Thailand in any way. No gyms in Thailand utilize this system.
In fact, the Pra Jiad color ranking system looks eerily close to that of Karate dojos. Both start out at White and progress through yellow, orange, green, and blue. Then Muay Thai Pra Jiad ranking system will continue with purple, red, brown, and finish with black. Even Muay Thai instructors can have Pra Jiad rankings systems starting at black and white, then red and black, then black and silver, and finally, black and gold.
The Pra Jiad ranking system has no relation to traditional Muay Thai. Many western Muay Thai gyms adopted this system so that new practitioners could quickly understand because so many athletes would have already been used to a belt ranking system from Jiu-Jitsu or Karate. Additionally, some claim to use a colored ranking system as it is an easy way to keep clients interested.

The Pra Jiad finds its ancient roots in warriors looking to keep a bond to their home family. It would be blessed by Buddhist monks for good luck. These traditions with the Pra Jiad and Nak Mauy still persist to this day.

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