UFT – Ultimate Fighting Tournament 12, May 10, Muaythai Pro, Kickboxing and MMA event.

Ultimate Fighting Tournament (UFT): A New Era in Combat Sports

The Ultimate Fighting Tournament (UFT) has rapidly become a premier event in the world of combat sports, offering fans an unparalleled experience with the best MuayThai, Kickboxing, and MMA bouts. UFT’s commitment to showcasing top-tier talent and thrilling matches has set it apart as a must-watch event for fight enthusiasts worldwide.

UFT 12 Ultimate Fighting Tournament road to DFS Dynamite Fighting Show #uft #muaythai

Last Event: A Night to Remember in Cluj-Napoca

On May 10, 2024, UFT held its latest electrifying event in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The event featured an array of intense bouts, with some of the finest referees in the world ensuring fair and exciting matches. The distinguished referee lineup included:

  • Paul Nicholls: Renowned as the best kickboxing referee globally.
  • Bobby Varga: MuayThai referee.
  • Pop Claudiu: Expert kickboxing referee.
  • Dubles Alin: MMA referee.
  • Ninel Ianculescu: MMA referee.

A Historic MuayThai Bout

One of the standout moments of the event was the first professional MuayThai fight in Romania, refereed by Sergiu Dragos. The bout saw Nicu Ghitas face off against Alexandru Curcudel in a thrilling match that captivated the audience. Alexandru Curcudel emerged victorious, securing the UFT MuayThai Belt. This fight not only marked a significant milestone in Romanian combat sports history but also highlighted Sergiu Dragos’ expertise, being the first Romanian referee to officiate at the prestigious Lumpinee Stadium in Thailand.

Carl “Cobra” Froch Graces UFT 12 in Cluj-Napoca

The legendary Carl “Cobra” Froch, former super middleweight boxing champion, made a notable appearance at UFT 12 in Cluj-Napoca. Known for his fierce fighting style and resilience in the ring, Froch’s presence added a layer of excitement and prestige to the event. Fans were thrilled to see the boxing icon up close, and his attendance highlighted the growing significance of the Ultimate Fighting Tournament on the global combat sports stage.

Carl Cobra Froch and Haidu Sebastian Ioan - UFT

Leadership and Vision

The driving force behind UFT is its CEO, Haidu Sebastian Ioan, an emeritus sport master in Romania. Sebastian’s vision and leadership have been instrumental in elevating UFT to its current status. Under his guidance, UFT has consistently delivered high-quality events that attract top fighters and a global audience.


The Ultimate Fighting Tournament continues to redefine the landscape of combat sports, providing fans with unforgettable experiences and showcasing the best talent in MuayThai, kickboxing, and MMA. As UFT grows, it remains dedicated to its mission of promoting excellence in the ring and offering a platform for fighters to shine on the world stage. For more updates on upcoming events and exclusive content, stay tuned to UFT’s official channels.

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UFT 12 - Ultimate Fighting Tournament #uft #pro #top #fighters

Come on an exciting journey and experience the new contact fighting show!.

Haidu Sebastian Ioan – UFT – Ultimate Fighting Tournament CEO

UFT 12 road to DFS Aftermovie


Carl Cobra Froch and Haidu Sebastian Ioan - UFT 12
Paul Nicholls - ISKA, Glory Kickboxing, UFT, K-1 Referee

Carl Cobra Froch, Haidu Sebastian Ioan, Paul Nicholls – UFT 12 road to DFS, May 10, Cluj-Napoca.

UFT - Ultimate Fighting Tournament 12, road to DFS, may 10, Cluj

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