WBC Muaythai Heavyweight World Title promoted by Roar Fighting Championship: Lyndon Knowles 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 vs Simon Mendes 🇪🇸

Step into the electrifying world of Muay Thai at Byron Hall in Harrow for an unforgettable fight night event! This highly anticipated occasion promises an adrenaline-fueled evening packed with explosive strikes, lightning-fast footwork, and heart-pounding action. Taking place at the renowned Harrow Leisure Centre, this event will feature both world-class champions and promising amateur fighters, making it a must-see for all combat sports enthusiasts in the UK.

Experience the sheer power and skill of seasoned professionals as well as the raw talent of amateur fighters as they clash in the ring, delivering breathtaking displays of athleticism and technique. From devastating kicks to precise punches, every bout will showcase the best of Muay Thai, captivating both die-hard fans and newcomers to the sport. The intensity and excitement of each match will leave you on the edge of your seat, craving more.

The doors to this spectacular event open at 2:00 p.m., inviting you to immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Muay Thai. Located at Christchurch Avenue, Harrow, HA3 5BD, Byron Hall is easily accessible and offers a perfect setting for this thrilling evening. Don’t miss the chance to witness top-tier fighters and emerging talents showcase their skills and compete for glory.

Join us for an evening that promises not just action but an experience that will stay with you long after the final bell rings. Whether you’re a seasoned Muay Thai aficionado or curious to discover the sport, this fight night at Harrow Leisure Centre is set to be a highlight of the UK’s combat sports calendar. Book your tickets now and be part of the action!

ROAR Fighting Championship: A Clash of Titans

Full Fightcard

June 29, 2024

Light heavyweight A Class at 91.00Kg

Lyndon Knowles ( Record: 76-16-3 ) VS Simon Mendes

Super middleweight A Class at 77.00Kg

Paulius Lentjevas VS Sam Wilson ( Record: 40-10-4 )

Super middleweight A Class at 72.50Kg

Ali Safari ( Record: 0-0-0 ) VS Mike Collyer ( Record: 3-1-1 )

Light middleweight C Class at 68.00Kg

Paddy Powel VS Muhyee Ahmed ( Record: 0-2-0 )

Super middleweight N Class at 72.50Kg

Platon Oliha ( Record: 0-0-0 ) VS Hashim Ramzan

Cruiserweight N Class at 85.00Kg

Jamal McKenzie ( Record: 0-0-0 ) VS Hassan Yousafzai ( Record: 0-0-0 )

Super middleweight N Class at 72.00Kg

James Ormston-Nicholson ( Record: 0-0-0 ) VS Shourya Suri ( Record: 0-0-0 )

Light middleweight N Class at 70.00Kg

Ralph Hall ( Record: 0-0-0 ) VS Darren Ngan

Super featherweight N Class at 58.00Kg

Mario Dascalu VS Tommy O’Connor ( Record: 1-0-0 )

Super flyweight N Class at 51.00Kg

Jama Jama VS Pixie Csaszar ( Record: 1-0-0 )

Super middleweight N Class at 78.00Kg

Joe Attipa ( Record: 1-0-0 ) VS Kel Alaike

Super middleweight N Class at 72.00Kg

Jack Slater (Record: 2-1-0 ) VS Benny Green ( Record: 4-2-0 )

Heavyweight C Class at 95.00Kg

Walied Mohammed ( Record: 1-1-0 ) VS Tom Watson ( Record: 0-0-0 )

Super bantamweight C Class at 54.00Kg

Jayda Francis ( Record: 5-3-0 ) VS  Jennifer Clerico ( Record: 0-0-0 )

Super featherweight Pro-Am at 60.00Kg

Natalia Vorri ( Record: 10-2-0 ) VS Joana Paris ( Record: 4-4-0 )

Cruiserweight C Class at 82.00Kg

Daniele Saccardi ( Record: 0-0-0 ) VS Ollie Grogan ( Record: 3-2-0 )

Light welterweight Pro-Am at 65.00Kg

Shane Manyara VS Sangam Gurung ( Record: 6-2-0 )

Super featherweight N Class at 58.00Kg

Kamran Shafiq VS Amanat Takhar ( Record: 2-0-0 )

Light welterweight N Class at 64.00Kg

Connor Quilty ( Record: 1-1-0 ) VS Thanh Pham ( Record: 0-2-0 )

Super flyweight N Class at 51.00Kg

Jamma Jamma VS Pixie Csaszar ( Record: 1-0-0 )

Cruiserweight N Class at 84.00Kg

Daniel Shepherd ( Record: 0-0-0 ) VS Joshua Simpson

Roar Fighting Championship - Lyndon Knowles vs Simon Mendes - WBC Muaythai World Title 2024
Roar Fighting Championship – Lyndon Knowles vs Simon Mendes – WBC Muaythai World Title 2024

Fighters’ Background

Lyndon Knowles:
Lyndon Knowles, standing at 6’1”, brings a wealth of experience to the ring. At 38 years old, Knowles has an impressive fight record, having fought 95 bouts with 76 wins and 16 losses. Known for his resilience and tactical prowess, Knowles has become a formidable figure in the world of Muay Thai. His career has been marked by numerous high-stakes fights, and he has consistently demonstrated the skill and determination that have made him a crowd favorite.

Simon Mendes:
On the other side of the ring, 28-year-old Simon Mendes stands at 6’2” and is rapidly making a name for himself in the sport. With a total of 46 fights, Mendes boasts 28 wins and 11 losses. Despite being a decade younger than Knowles, Mendes has shown remarkable growth and tenacity. His agility and powerful strikes have earned him a reputation as a rising star in Muay Thai. This fight is an important milestone in his career as he seeks to solidify his standing among the elite fighters.

The Match-Up

The fight between Knowles and Mendes is more than just a clash of skill; it’s a battle between experience and youthful vigor. Knowles’ extensive ring knowledge and strategic approach will be pitted against Mendes’ explosive energy and adaptability. Both fighters have their strengths, and this match promises to be a test of endurance, technique, and mental fortitude.

Knowles’ experience gives him an edge in reading opponents and maintaining composure under pressure. His ability to stay calm and execute well-timed strikes could be crucial in countering Mendes’ aggressive style. On the other hand, Mendes’ youth and speed may pose a significant challenge to Knowles. His quick movements and powerful combinations could disrupt Knowles’ rhythm and give him an upper hand.

Simon Mendes Muaythai
Lyndon Knowles Muaythai

Simon Mendes Muaythai and Lyndon Knowles

For tickets and more information, visit the official ROAR Fighting Championship website or contact the Harrow Leisure Centre. Don’t miss out on this spectacular event!

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